Exercising While Gambling – Healthier Slots

Would you consider working out while you’re playing slots? Then perhaps you should try out a few of Kathy Harris’ new gambling inventions. Mother of four and housewife extraordinaire Kathy Harris cooked-up the idea for exercise-based gambling machines after visiting Atlantic City, NJ a few years ago.

Her idea introduces a new era into casinos where gamblers have the option of never again needing to choose between staying healthy and maintaining their regular workout routine or interrupting it to enjoy themselves at the casino.

Using her clever inventiveness you can now go play slots while exercising, either start by running on a treadmill combined with a slot machine, or start pedaling on the Money Mill, or The Pedal ’n Play, both of which aim at trimming your thighs while capturing your quarters or maybe paying for your stay with a big win.

Her inventive ideas gave rise to heart-healthy gambling machines, a world-first.

Fortunately, due to advancements in mobile technology, this is no longer your only option to have a workout while gambling. Nowadays if you know you’ve let your exercise program slip and need to get back into shape you can simply grab your mobile phone, fit it into your spinning cycle’s handlebar mount, log into your favorite online casino. Preferably one of the premier sites such as BetWinner since they have much more to offer compared to the rather limited entertainment variety at smaller sites and have blast on slots while whipping yourself back into shape.

To win at the Pedal ‘n Play, the player mounts a stationary exercise cycle combined a slot machine while gripping two handlebars mounted to sides of the seat. The two units come melded together at their base, and the player controls game play via two buttons mounted on the handlebars. The left handlebar button allows the player to select the number of coins he or she wishes to wager while the right handlebar button activates the reels to start spinning.

Similarly, on the Money Mill, the player controls the incline and speed of a treadmill linked to a video slot.

The idea started after Kathy during their visit to Atlantic City, wanted to have a workout while, Peyton, her husband preferred to go gambling. While working up a sweat on the treadmill, she started wondering how she could combine her two favorite activities so she could exercise and gamble simultaneously.

She finally arrived at the idea allowing her to combine her two great passions a love for gambling and exercise. Mrs. Harris, 47, from Fairfax, Va. secured the patent rights to her idea and established Fitness Gaming Corporation with husband Peyton as her partner.

She revealed that since she debuted her machines at the World Gaming Congress in Las Vegas, her phone has not stopped ringing. Kathy said she knew her idea would make it big but had no idea how quickly it would take off.


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