Five Ways To Guarantee You Get The Most From Your Netflix Subscription


Whether you’ve got an evening of “Netflix and chill” on the cards, or you just fancy a bit of downtime, it’s easy to spend hours trawling the entire catalogue to find the perfect show. But, since you’re paying for a service, it’s important to get an optimized experience. From the best recommendations, to sharing the experience with friends, an evening of Netflix isn’t just about you and the television – there is so much more to it. To get the most out of your Netflix subscription, keep on reading.

  1. Get better recommendations

Whatever you watch, be sure to use the five-star rating system after you finish a show or a film. The score feeds into Netflix’s algorithms, meaning they’re better able to give you recommendations based on what you previously loved. Without doing this,  it can only give suggestions based on what you watched, so the more information you give, the more it can fine tune these results to give you the best recommendations ever. You can make these even more specific by encouraging everyone who uses your account to stick to their own profile, so as not to muddy the feedback data.

  1. Make the most of the hidden categories

There are some pretty niche categories hidden in the depth of Netflix’s catalog. You might have literally no idea what you’re missing. They all have a code which would come at the end of Netflix’s URL, but the best way to browse them is by using a category list. Visit to open up a whole new world of movie genres that you never even knew existed.

  1. Don’t let your borders limit you

Netflix has this habit of bringing out movies and series in one country, and not the others. Using a VPN, as described by, can enable you to use your account to watch series which only exist abroad. So now you don’t have to begrudge everyone online for talking about a show you can’t watch, you just need to get your VPN sorted, and away you go.

  1. Keep an eye on the freeloaders

Many of us like to get a little bit free-and-easy with our Netflix password, handing it out to anyone that asks. The problem is, after a while, you have no idea how many people are using your account, and how that is affecting all of Netflix’s lovely algorithms. Kick them off by going into your settings, logging out of all accounts, and then changing your password. Mwahaha.

  1. Share the experience

Sometimes it can be a fun and sociable activity to watch a movie or a show with friends, but if they can’t make it to your house to join you, get them involved online. is a group chat service which allows friends to simultaneously watch a show, and chat about it along the way. Perfect for those long distance relationship date nights too.

Netflix can be so much more than just a video streaming site, it can be social, and it can be eye-opening, you just have to know how to get the most out of it.

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