Great Video Games That Failed

The video game industry is tough, there’s no question about that. Release a great game at the wrong time, and it can tank hard. The simple problem is that there are too many games coming out, in an already crowded market. So, having an excellent game isn’t enough. It also has to find attention.

As such, there is a long list of video games that were excellent, but failed regardless, often no reason at all, other than being overlooked. It’s sad when it occurs, but also bound to happen in an industry so competitive. Here are great video games that didn’t receive the attention they deserved, unlike the online blackjack NZ games that are always applauded for their sheer brilliance.

Beyond Good And Evil

Coming out in 2003, Beyond Good And Evil was revolutionary in many ways. It was well ahead of its time in game design, characterisation, and technology. In fact, many see it as the true inspiration for much more successful game franchises, with Beyond Good and Evil rarely being credited.

Sadly, the game tanked upon release. But, it was recently announced the game would see a follow up, given that it has gained a cult following after it’s initial failure. Let’s hope the second part gets the attention it deserves.

Grim Fandango

Also a game that has built up a cult following after it’s initial failure, Grim Fandango was an excellent old school adventure game. Featuring excellent writing, brilliant voice acting, and a fascinating comedy story line, the game should have been a smash hit, but was simply overlooked. The game was given a re-release not so long ago, and is still praised for it’s way above average writing.

If you haven’t played Grim Fandango, and are a fan of wonderful comedic storytelling, you owe it to yourself to check out this video game gem. It may not be trending in 2018, but it is a game worth its salt.


Psychonauts and Grim Fandango are both products of Double Fine studios, who are known for creating excellent, niche games. Psychonauts was, in many regards, a gaming masterpiece. Although not perfect, but which games are, Psychonauts was so creative, so clever, and so unique, that it should have blown the competition out of the water.

Sadly, the game drowned in the oversaturated market, and was overlooked. But, as with Grim Fandango, the game gained popularity slowly after it’s release, and has been given the praise it deserved, albeit many years later. Psychonauts 2 has been announced, and fans are eager to see if the follow up can match the genius of the first game.

The Last Express

A masterpiece in terms of pushing gaming technology, The Last Express was a story rich, deeply engrossing adventure game, created with a complicated process called rotoscoping. This is where real actors are painstakingly digitized into a gaming world.

However, although other games on this list have received some recognition, even if long after the game’s initial release, the Last Express never got much praise, despite being an incredible video game. It is available for mobile devices, so check it out if you can.

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