Here’s How to Live Stream Your Favorite Sports

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You can’t be home in front of your big screen TV watching sports all the time. That is the sad reality of avid sports fans all over the country. It is not as if we want to shirk all of our responsibilities. Just enough of them so that we never have to miss an important game. Hint: they’re all important.

They are even more important when money is on the line. A little sports betting side action can really up the ante when it comes to following the action. It is not enough to know the most valuable positions to sports betters. One has to be able to follow the players on the roster, preferably while the game is still in progress. Since you can’t be home all the time, here’s how to live stream your favorite sports when you are away:

Follow the Quarterback with NFL Sunday Ticket

The NFL has an official streaming service that allows you to watch every out of market game whenever it happens to be played. There’s only one catch: when mobile, you have to be a Verizon customer. This is not because Verizon is a good network. It is because Verizon was willing to pay for an exclusive deal that would lock out all other competitors. Also, NFL Game Pass is expensive. I guess that’s two catches.

The first can be eliminated by signing up for DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket service. While there is no long-term way to offset the price, DIRECTV offers plans as low as $35 a month that gets you the first year of Sunday Ticket included at no extra cost. The service works on most connected devices including your smartphone and iPad. Right now, with these kinds of deals, it is the best and most affordable way to keep up with America’s favorite sport. Here’s an example link for Raleigh, North Carolina residents: http://www.direct-ticket.net/directv/north-carolina/r/directv-raleigh/.

Follow the Point Guard with NBA League Pass

In basketball, the point guard is the general who leads the troops to glorious victory, or ignominious defeat. The NBA gives you a ton of options to follow them during battle. For $200, you can get every game of every out of market team. The NBA even lets you take that payment in five chunks of $44.

That is just the beginning of your list of options. you can choose to follow only one team all year for a reduced price. You can pay a one-time price for a single game. Or if you are fine with just the game audio, you can pay for the entire season for $10. Live streaming is available for all the usual suspects including smartphone, iPad, and set-top boxes such as the Apple TV.

Follow the Goaltender with NHL GameCenter Live

Follow the goaltender if you can. He has got to be the fastest player on the ice. And he is the one that ultimately decides whether or not your team win or loses. You can get all the live streaming NHL action you can handle with NHL GameCenter Live. You can get a monthly price. But with the current deal, you can get all the out of market games for about $132. That’s less than the price of a night out on the town.

Follow the Catcher with MLB TV

Sure, the pitcher is extremely important. But the most underrated and unobserved star on the diamond is the catcher. The catcher is the one who calls the plays and manages the runners. MLB TV is the streaming service from Major League Baseball. But the real product that makes it stand out is the MLB At Bat app.

From box scores to enhanced Gameday pitch-by-pitch features, including realistic ballpark renderings from all 30 MLB parks*, no other sports app matches At Bat. Just bear in mind that you will have to pay for both the streaming service and the app. It’s not cheap. But it is excellent. And when it comes to sports, excellence is what matters most.

Who’s the most important person in football, basketball, hockey, and baseball? The camera operator who bring the action to your connected devices. That’s who.

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