How To Be A Sophisticated Man

First of all, you’ll need to understand what sophistication actually means. Is it about what you wear? How you act? Or how you speak? – Well, it can be interpreted into all sorts of things, but overall, it’s a lifestyle choice. So whether you want to be sophisticated, or you just want other people to think so – here’s how you can do just that.

Dress with power

It’s all about finding your unique style and then wearing it proudly. Now, this doesn’t mean copying the latest fashion trends to fit in – that’s far too easy, and everyone does it. You need to find your own sense of style, and if that means trying a little of everything until you find what works – so be it. Trial and error is the best way to figuring out who you are. But remember it’s all the way down to the little details that will make it count. Like watches for example, maybe you’re a collector – that would be your unique touch, and people will recognize you for it. Or maybe you’re a sunglasses kind of guy. Or you like stacking rings. Whatever it may be, that is what will set you apart.

Carry your money well

Whether you have a lot of it or not isn’t the point here. A sophisticated man isn’t rich; he just knows how to carry what he has properly. So if you’re storing your notes in your jean or jacket pocket – you’re doing it all wrong! Every man should always have a slim wallet on them to keep their notes and cards safe. You can find some reviews of bellroy wallets by if you need help making a decision. Everyone will take you seriously if you rock up to a restaurant and take out your wallet to pay, as a pose to scrambling around for any loose change you have in the crevices of your clothes.

Be a gentleman

The more years that go on, the more real the phrase “chivalry is dead” becomes. This is because people have forgotten what the word actually means! Chivalry stands for valor, honor and courtesy, which was associated with the medieval code of knighthood. Once upon a time, we managed to keep the meaning alive, but it’s very rare to find nowadays. So let it be your job to bring it back! Hold doors open. Stand up when your date arrives and take out her chair to sit down. Throw out compliments when you see fit. Help people in need. And never think that you’re better than others – because you’re not.

So now you have the tricks, get building yourself up to be the new and sophisticated you. No matter the reason you’re doing this, as long as you feel good about yourself, then you will attract good things. So make an effort, take an extra five minutes before you leave the house. And if you want a top tip – the best accessory you could own, is your smile.

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