How To Design A Man Cave Even Your Wife Will Enjoy

Having a man cave is a dream for every man, however all too often their wife or girlfriend isn’t too keen on the idea. If you’re desperate to have your own male-oriented haven in your own home there’s one way that you might be able to persuade your significant other to agree to it – by designing a man cave which she can enjoy too!

A Huge TV

The lady in your life probably isn’t too keen on the idea of you spending hours on your own in your man cave, however she won’t mind so much if she can spend time in there with you. Install a huge flat screen TV so that she can watch her favorite programs while you enjoy your other manly pursuits. Just imagine, you can be playing away on your pinball machine while she catches up with The Crown – perfect!

Games For Two

You’ll find that you enjoy your man cave even more if you can sometimes play in there with someone else. Your wife is sure to enjoy joining you in a game of darts, table tennis or pool in your man cave. This helps improve your game play and lets you spend quality time together as a couple – what’s not to like!

Get A Karaoke Machine

There’s one thing that most women enjoy and that’s a turn on the karaoke machine – especially after a couple of glasses of wine. You’re sure to have hours of fun together at weekends choosing your favorite songs and singing along. You could even practice a few duets for the next time you’re at a karaoke bar! You might want to think about soundproofing your man cave though!

Invest In A Video Game Console

You’re probably already considering investing in a video game console anyway, but your wife is sure to be impressed if you get some games that she can play too. While she may not be too impressed by Gears of War or Assassins Creed, there’s a good chance that she might enjoy playing some competitive games on the Nintendo Wii. Games like tennis and bowling are a lot of fun for her to play alone while you’re watching the game or playing together for a good laugh.

A Comfy Sofa

If your wife wants to spend more time with you in your man cave, she’s sure to appreciate a large and comfortable sofa to relax on while you’re enjoying your manly pursuits. Who knows, you might choose to snuggle up together and watch a movie after you’ve finished enjoying your man-centric activities!

A Bar

You may never have considered installing a bar in your man cave but if you think about it you’ll see it’s an amazing idea. You’ll love the convenience of just being able to reach behind the counter and grab a cold beer from the fridge whenever you like, and if you stock up with a few bottles of her favorite wine your wife is sure to be more open to the idea of letting you have a man cave. As an added bonus, it’ll be really useful when your friends come around the watch the big game if you don’t have to head up to the kitchen every time one of you needs a beverage.

The Final Touches

Although it might be your very own man cave, if the only way you’re going to get your way is if your wife can get involved you might need to let her have a little ownership. Let her have a hand in choosing some of the finishing touches such as the color of the walls or the decorative accessories. You might have to draw the line if it starts getting too girly though – after all, you don’t want your friends to have a laugh at your expensive because of your baby pink color scheme and floral paintings all over the walls!

If you follow these top tips, you’re sure to create the perfect man cave that your wife will enjoy too. It’s better to share with your significant other than to have no man cave at all – and who knows, you may end up spending more quality time together than ever before!

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