How to Do Math for Slot Machine Games

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It is no doubt that gambling has influenced the economy of some nations in the recent years. Presently, online gambling has overtaken the location gaming houses due to its efficiency and significant rewards. Importantly, players take this game for leisure and as a pastime, where they also benefit from marvelous winnings.

Notably, there are some things you need to know in the online gaming. Firstly, there are multiple codes in different casinos such as William hill casino club bonus code. These help you understand the bonuses on offer and also their rates. The bonus codes of William hill casino include the following.

  • JOHNNYBET –The code is for 100% for a maximum of 500 Sterling pounds plus 90free spins
  • 50SPINS-the code is for 150% for a maximum of 150 sterling pounds accompanied by 50 free spins.
  • 50SPINS –You get the bonus after depositing 500-999 Sterling pounds where you get 350 sterling pounds accompanied by 50 free spins.

Varieties of Slot Machine Games

On the online casinos, numerous games are available to provide the players with some choices. It is essential not to have different bonus rate and winnings as well differ. Therefore, while selecting your games, it is advisable to pick the one with satisfactory bonuses and multiple winnings. Here is a list of games that get offered in the gaming dens.

  1. Magic Portals
  2. VIP Black
  3. Koi Princess
  4. Copy Cats
  5. Starburst
  6. Fruit Friends
  7. Roulette Lounge
  8. Blood Suckers
  9. Double the Devil
  10. Mega Fortune
  11. Lights
  12. Jack Hammer
  13. Steam Tower
  14. Grand Crown
  15. Astro Dice

How to Understand Slot Machine’s Math

Conceivably, all casino wagers have a given rate of percentage to reward the gambler as well pay back the house. These standards differ in different machines, thus making the payouts vary as well. Numerous odds become selected randomly by the devices. These selections are the ones that determine the winnings made by an individual player. There exist some differences on how the odds get achieved which is dependent on the game at hand.

  • Slot machine games. Most of these games, the machines used have reels which indicate ‘stop.’ When the spindle stops at a win line, the calculations on the sum of winnings get done, and the player receives the payout. In this, calculations result from multiple combinations of symbols.
  • Calculating using theoretical odds. These odds also differ from machine to machine. Although these odds are hypothetical, it is possible to calculate the exact payoff in the long run. They get designed in a way that the device conducts the winnings randomly.
  • Some reels. As discussed earlier, the reels have symbols on them. These reels probabilities are the ones used to calculate the outcome. For example, if a machine with 22 stops has three reels, the combinations are calculated as


In another incidence, 32 stops with four reels would be,

32x32x32x32= 1048576

The differences are prevalent on different reels with the number of stops that have taken place.

It is unfortunate that gaming dens never label the devices for one to understand the payback percentages entitled to a given bet. However, the information is available on the internet, if you would take time and research on the different portions you are likely to receive in a particular wager.

Probabilities of Winning on Slot Games

On each slot, there is a unique symbol which is different from other slots. The calculations get done by combining various symbols which get done by simply multiplying them, which is, multiplying the number of possible combinations with the number of winnings, as seen earlier. The payouts on simple machines are as listed below.

  • 1 Joker -1 coin
  • 2 Jokers-4 coins
  • 3 Jokers- 30 coins
  • 3 of similar fruit- 10 coins

Typically, the jokers can appear on the three slots or just two slots as in:

  • Slots 1,2,3
  • Slots 1& 2 or 2 &3 or 1&3

Alternatively, the jokers may appear randomly in any slot without them matching. For instance, 1, 3, 5 and 3,1,5. In such a case, the calculations are as follows.


There are usually a total of 96 different combinations. Therefore, the percentage gets calculated as, 30 divided by 96 and then multiplying by 100, which results in 31.25%

How to Increase Winning Probability

Some points should get considered while playing the slots to help you increase your rewards, promotions, and winnings. Like any other game, there is something that is hidden, which may deter your success. The following are tips that you should master.

  • Bet as many times as possible to qualify for jackpots while playing progressive slots. The slot machines have a single pot that gets only granted after reaching the maximum number of coins. For this reason, you should bet to see that you can meet the target.
  • Select the games that suit your objectives and goals. The casino games get designed in a way that, those with high payouts have less probability of winning, whereas, those with fewer payouts have multiple winnings. Thus, you should pay close attention to your interests.

In Brief

It is essential to have full knowledge on calculating the winning possibilities for you to be in the know. Playing online games is always fun especially when you can reap some bonuses and winnings from time to time. The online gaming dens give accurate information about their offers, and therefore you should do your research for each game you would like to play.

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