How To Market Your Business During COVID-19

As the outbreak of coronavirus has left many people out of work and many businesses having to close temporarily, it is extremely important to think about what happens next. While none of us know when and how life will get back to normal, what we do know is that this pandemic is temporary and at some point, life will return to normal. However, it will likely be a new normal, and no one knows exactly what it will look like yet.

Whatever the situation in your business is, the actions you take right now will determine your success when we come out on the other side. Whether your business is closed completely for now or you have moved your business online, your marketing matters. However, you will have to adjust how you market your business during this challenging time. 

Help others selflessly

This first point is hugely important. While it might do your business some good to help people during this time, don’t do it for that reason. There are lots of people that need help right now, and if there is something your business can do for free, then do it. It could be offering delivery services or food. Whatever you can do to help will be highly appreciated and remembered. If you are closed right now, it will also give you and your staff something to do. Ensure that your team are well taken care of with mask options for anyone who needs to operate in a public-facing role or work indoors during this time. Always observing the best practices on social distancing and avoiding unnecessary trips, be prepared to accept volunteers who would like to help offer services to local communities.

It might be that you can offer your services to businesses for free. For example, could you offer information to help businesses stay afloat, or could you give your customers a break in paying their subscriptions? Think outside the box, it might not be an obvious way that you can help, but it could be something that could make all the difference to other people. Remember, we’re all in this together.  Whatever it is, get in touch with your customers and let them know that you are there. Put your number and logo on pens and send them out with a little card so that people know they can get in touch.

Make the most of paid ads.

At the moment, you may be surprised to learn that paid ads are really, really cheap. This is because as many small businesses aren’t advertising right now, there is less demand and competition, which means that the cost per click has decreased. However, the pandemic is causing more and more people to spend time online, so much so that companies like Netflix have had to reduce their streaming quality to help. So, traffic on the web is up, and there are fewer advertisers. This means ads are cheaper and there is less competition. This is the perfect time to advertise, but you may have to adjust what your ads look like. It may be that you use this opportunity to show words of support to your customers or to let them know that you’re missing them, and you’ll be back soon. 

Offer educational training

If you are looking for a good opportunity and you also want to help, then consider selling your audience some educational based courses. Unemployment numbers are reaching all-time highs, so more and more people are looking for new opportunities, and it might be that they are looking for something new. You could offer online education through Udemy or sell your own courses; either way, there are loads of people out there looking for help.

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