Improving the Home With a Gaming Area

Plenty of people are unsure about how to go about decorating their living room. Either arranging the furniture in an unfashionable way or decorating a wall with clutter until no inch remains untouched. It’s important, especially when working with a small living area to organize objects in such a way that makes use of every square meter of the living area without resulting to clutter. Video games can be a great addition to help improve the living room. For entertainment purposes, most people choose to have a large smart TV mounted on the wall and that’s about it. Things get more challenging if you are a gamer. Hardcore gamers chose to turn an entire room of a house into a gaming room. Others do not have the same luxury and have to work with a smaller area to store their gaming setup. If done right, the living room can be a great place for your gaming gear while at the same time have enough space for the other activities to be possible in the living room.

Working With an Occupied Room

Gamers that have the option to dedicate an entire room to just gaming choose a room either located in the attic or the basement. An important aspect of a gaming room is size, which will influence the way that the room will be set up. The best thing would be to have enough space in the room that comfortably fits all of the gaming gear without feeling too cramped. This is where the term man cave comes along, a place of refuge for men of all ages to retreat and enjoy their favorite hobbies. This can either be located in the basement of the house, in the attic or a room in the house used less frequently.

There are a wide variety of hacks available online that help to find a solution to these challenges. For console players, things are much simpler, as the TV which most of the time is placed in the living room is used for playing on a console. In the case of a personal computer, things are much messier. The trick is to make the gaming setup feel like it’s part of the room and not a separate space. Similarly to how some lovers of films have their home theatre so do gamers have their gaming room or gaming corner. As said, not everybody has an extra room to be dedicated to gaming entirely and one must adapt to their environment and try to make use of an already occupied room.

Casual Gaming and Using Wireless Tech

There are many solutions to make this work. Either buying or building a small factor gaming PC such as a mini-tower that does not have a large presence in the room is a good start. Because you want to game in the living room, it can be a great time to make use of all the wireless technology available such as wireless keyboard and mouse. This can help avoid having too many cables lying around, making it difficult for other people in the room to enjoy spending their time in it. Many people use a gamepad to play their games, even on PC and so, grabbing wireless gamepad will be the next best thing alongside the wireless keyboard and mouse.
In the case of casual gamers, things are less complex. The main device used for casual gaming is the smartphone and so, there is no need to worry about managing the living space of a room. Mobile phones are a great choice, especially for people that enjoy gambling . Besides having a smartphone that is able to connect to the internet, no other fancy tech is needed to play casino games. Games such as Book of Ra are able to have a smooth performance  and it can be played directly in the browser. There are no cables, no additional desk needed when playing on mobile and the next best thing is that the games can be taken with you anywhere. For many hardcore gamers, the issue of not being able to take their PC games with them has been resolved by Nintendo Switch, a device which is abel to handle much more demanding games.

Additional Devices

Another way that peripherals can be used in a living room is by using a lapboard. If the space that you are working with is strictly limited and want to save as much living area as possible, some people use the PC as a console and have it connected to the TV. To play, they either use a gamepad or lapboard which allows the player to comfortably use a mouse and keyboard on their lap while sitting on the couch and can avoid cramping up the area with an additional desk and chair for their PC. Today, with VR usage, things can get a bit messy. A living room may be perfect for VR, especially for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. A lot of open space is needed to play games using VR properly. Besides having the room in which to maneuver in, one must also find space to set up the necessary camera to be able to play VR games. To make the living room seem less cluttered, these cameras can be mounted on the wall on opposite sides of the room and the cables themselves can also be masked and hidden.

Either having a dedicated room or a small corner, the solutions are there and they are plenty. With the many gaming devices available, gamers now have more options to choose how to experience these games. Almost anybody today has a gaming habit, some of the more serious than others and a variety of solutions to make gaming possible in every situation.

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