Is Streaming at the Forefront of the World’s Trends?

Streaming is probably the ‘it’ way of consuming media in this day and age; even the most die-hard DVD or other traditional styles of viewing would have to agree to that. A survey into streaming behavior conclusively decided that 83% of those who took it said that they now prefer to stream their favorite TV and movies rather than watching them when they are first aired on their respective channels or when they are released on DVD.

This famed survey, information on which can be found here, that was conducted by some of the biggest streaming platforms in the world shows that it may be time for the traditional ways of viewing, i.e. the DVD, to join its predecessors in retirement. But what is the cause of this? An instant reason that springs to mind is the fact that streaming means that next to no physical activity is needed. When streaming, the viewer can simply press a few buttons and they’re off; when using a DVD, for instance, they have to go through the rigmarole of finding the disk, finding the remote, injecting the disk, and then at the end of the viewing ejecting it. This trend is mirrored in all sorts of everyday occurrences; smart home technology has meant that everyday household activities have become redundant, such as checking the smoke alarm and even switching lights on and off, because of the advances of technology and the powers of the Internet. So, as the generally population has become custom to not having to even get up to sort their surroundings out, why should they want to get up to sort their viewing experience out?

And the advances of streaming have come that far that it is now possible to do so on smartphone; the developers of ShowBox, for instance, have made it so their streaming app is accessible on Android devices. Again, this mimics the trends of the current world: with mobile commerce, otherwise known as eCommerce, setting to hit $114 billion in 2017, companies and businesses all over the world are starting to realize that they need to capitalize on the fact that people are using their phones to search for and buy products, hence why they are making their sites accessible on all platforms and devices. This trend has extended itself to world of streaming as generally all streaming platforms now have apps available for download which means that their content is available to anybody, anytime, anywhere (as long as they have an Inherent connection)

And streaming, specifically live-streaming, has changed all the traditional methods of viewing and consuming sports. For fans that can’t go to a specific sports game, and also can’t watch it as it isn’t being broadcast on TV, live streaming is the next best thing. There has been a definitive rise in the livestreaming of sports because of the fact that more and more people want to be involved in live sporting action in this day and age.

So, it appears that streaming services and platforms most certainly have their fingers on the pulse of the ever changing worlds of the digital age in which we live. The next questions is: what will the next trend be, and how will streaming seek to optimize it?

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