Luxury explorer yachts open up the planet’s most exotic destinations

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If you’re a true adventure-seeker and will only be happy travelling to the most far-flung and exotic locales, then only an explorer yacht will do. Designed expressly for expeditions in the wildest and least discovered parts of the planet, these yachts also can be some of the most luxurious vessels on the waters. They will fulfil your most action-packed dreams, taking you to places you’ve only imagined – and in the height of style, comfort and luxury.

But, since it can be quite difficult to find a luxury explorer yacht for charter in these less-frequented locations, it might be worth considering looking intoluxury yachts for sale. By finding your own luxury yacht for sale, you can unlock the gateway to the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations. Here are just two of the incredibly exciting spots that you can explore aboard your very own explorer yacht.


It would be next to impossible to find a wilder or more remote place on earth than the barren, white expanse of Antarctica. On your luxury exhibition yacht, you can go where very few have ventured before. Follow along the watery pathways braved by some of history’s most daring explorers. Float past ice floes that dot the deep, dark waters. Keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of leopard, crabeater or for seals who cavort and hunt here and who often waddle out onto the buoyant ice to lounge or socialise.

Gaze in awe at the magnificent, sheer glacier front in Skontorp Cove. Marvel at unparalleled views, as you cruise along the narrow, 11-kilometre Lemaire Channel. Observe the antics of chinstrap penguins at their colony on Hydrurga Rocks. Go further south than all but the most courageous have dared to go, as your expedition yacht navigates the South Shetlands. Here you can experience rarely seen sights, such as Deception Island, where you’ll be able to head out onto the desolate beach and plunge into waters warmed by hot springs.

Galapagos Islands

Located directly on the line of the equator, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, more than 1,000 miles away from the nearest civilization (Ecuador), the Galapagos Islands exemplify the ideal adventure-lover’s paradise. Only by taking the plunge and getting your own luxury yacht for sale can you truly get to know these islands. So remote are the Galapagos Islands that humans rarely step foot on them. As a result, native wildlife shows no fear of human visitors to their territory.

Crowds of slick black seals bask unperturbed, taking in the sun on the shore. Large lizards slink along rocky outcroppings, going about their business without a care in the world.Discover an entirely new world unto itself, filled with animals and plants unlike anything you’ve witnessed elsewhere. A vast variety of native species – most of which can be seen nowhere else on the globe – make their home on the Galapagos Islands.

Plus, if you can manage to tear yourself away from the dazzling display of life that thrives all around you in this unique ecosystem, be sure to experience the other natural wonders which these islands showcase in such abundance. Walk across untouched beaches of sparkling white volcanic sand. Swim in aquamarine waters clearer than polished diamonds. Choose from over 20 dive sites that let you explore the Galapagos Islands’ fascinating undersea universe.

RH3 – A yacht designed for discovery and adventure

Once you’ve decided to indulge your soul’s desire for exploration and the call of the wild, there are a few luxury yachts for sale that can help make your adventure-filled dreams come true. For example, the stunning and sturdy motor yacht RH3 has been created and constructed expressly to cruise over vast distances and to take you just about anywhere you’d like to go on the planet. Onboard the rugged, 38.72-meter (127-foot) RH3 yacht, whose five luxurious cabins can comfortably accommodate ten passengers, you can venture to the furthest corners of the globe in style and with ease.

Originally built in 2003, the explorer yacht RH3 recently underwent an extensive rebuild, which was completed in 2016. Presented in absolutely immaculate condition, she now boasts the very latest, cutting-edge technology upgrades, as well as newly refurbished layouts on the main and upper decks. When you’re ready to cruise the world and unlock its greatest secrets, in destinations that most will never get closer to than images on a screen, then check out a luxury yacht for sale, such as the versatile and luxurious RH3 yacht.




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