Michael Keaton Cements Himself As The Best Batman With This Sick Burn On Spider-Man

Back in the late 80’s, Warner Bros. dropped a cinematic masterpiece on our collective heads. Batman was one of the most iconic super hero movies ever and the main character, Michael Keaton, has long been considered one of the best Batman’s in the franchise.

Now, after his recent appearance on The Tonight Show, I think we can all just call him the best Batman in the franchise.

Keaton told a story of how he went into one of those fix-it stores for your broken cell phone. He was met with a worker who was preoccupied with watching one of the Spider-Man films on the television in the shop.

There came a point in the Spider-Man movie where Spidey began to cry. Keaton, who was clearly tired of waiting for this workers attention, took the opportunity to completely burn Spider-Man to the ground.


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