Ndamukong Suh Saves Comedian Louie Anderson from Drowning

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Usually, when a story is written about Ndamukong Suh it usually ends with how much he will be fined.  Most people who are fans of the NFL despise Suh and think he is a dirty player.  His track record in the league makes it pretty difficult to dispute that fact but after the events that unfolded last Wednesday during a practice session for “Celebrity Diving”, it may have more people warming up to the idea of him.

During the practice session, comedian Louie Anderson became extremely exhausted after his session and was unable to pull himself out of the pool.  He fell backwards into the water and began to sink.  Suh saw this and immediately dove into the water to help out his fellow contestant.  With the help of the dive master, Olympian Greg Louganis, they got Andersonlouie out of the water.  After coughing up water for a bit, Anderson was reportedly fine and in good spirits.  In fact, a rep for the comedian told TMZ he was “feeling great, loving the challenge”.

Great story, but should Ndamukong Suh, who is in the midst of a 5 year $68 million contract with the Detroit Lions, really be on a high dive show?  Generally speaking, the more you weigh the less you want to tango with gravity.  Just sayin’.

Of course, if that is our train of thought, I guess the same case could be made for Anderson…

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