Now A Days, There Are Apps For Everything

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There are apps for everything nowadays and some are useful but most are of no use whatsoever and frankly a waste of time. A lot of the apps misrepresent what is described “on the box” and it’s getting out of hand. The originator of apps (Apple) released the Apple Watch recently, but it is simply called “Watch” when you are unable to enter an Apple logo before the name. It’s kind of funny when you think about it, right? What should we call it? How about…”Watch?” Perhaps most surprising is they refrained from calling it the iWatch, but maybe that is because the phrase has run its course? Let’s hope they don’t change the iPad to the “Pad.” The Apple Watch is a nifty piece of technology, no doubt, but you do need an iPhone to sync up with it for it to operate. When they make this wearable technology its own independent device, every man and his dog on the planet will buy one.

Apps for the Apple Watch that monitor everything from heart rates to steps, are largely a waste of time as they usually are inaccurate and totally overplay or underplay the amount of exercise you actually do. A more useful app, The Fitstar app, helps you mirror the yoga poses from tutors so you are doing it correctly. Most people struggle to even think about or do yoga, let alone doing it in the correct manner. WaterMinder is like the app version of a nagging grandma or wife as it tells you when you have failed to drink enough water during the day. Again, this is another app that depends on you entering data as it cannot monitor your up to the minute fluid intake. As you are supposed to drink 15 pints of water a day, there is no option to log how many toilet trips you make as a consequence of all that glugging. With ever dwindling public toilets available, any health benefit could be counteracted with all the coffees you have to buy simply to gain access to a lavatory.

When you want to take the chance to actually make some money — rather than lose it on overpriced water — you can play apps where you can try and win prizes on the go. At Red Stag Casino you can play a series of games such as Butterflies, Dazzling Dice and Dragon Master. It is crazy to think that you can play using apps for Red Stag and use live services that are out there, but at least you don’t have to sit at home all day. With thousands of apps for money management, you can monitor winnings via a variety of mediums. One such app is mint.com. This app syncs up all your accounts and transactions all in one space so you are constantly aware of your situation. Most apps are useless, but if they are used correctly they can end up putting you in a good position.

The way technology is moving these days, there will undoubtedly be new apps available daily. Each one will more than likely improve your life in some way, while others will probably help you procrastinate. It’s exciting to think of all the possibilities out there and just how far we have come in such a short time. You have to remember that the App Store from Apple wasn’t even a thing until 2008! What do you think the next seven years hold?!

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