Online Gaming History: Breaking Points, Hard Stats And Industry Review

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Online gaming is a multi-billion industry that is wide enough to include both rich, elf inhabited worlds as well as gambling tables. But how did it get as big?

All You Ever Wanted To Know About the Online Gaming Industry but Never Knew Where to Ask

Ever since the likes of OXO and NIMROD – the first video games that were successfully developed in 1951-1952 – mankind knew no rest. An entire culture has emerged from the shadow with a long path both behind and ahead.

Video games, both online and offline, are a cultural phenomenon today. Thousands of streamers use YouTube and Twitch to simply share their gameplay videos; professional tournaments are hosted that rival soccer or boxing matches, etc. It is an honor today to be a gamer. Youngsters cherish and value this status.

This has led to an industry with global revenues of $96.6 billion in 2016 alone. The estimations state that the cash flow will grow up to $118.6 billion by 2019. 34% of the total income is to come from mobile and 25% will be earned through online gaming.

That progress is given due vast diversity with everything from the likes of Minecraft an up to roulette online kind of games. But how did we get so far in the first place?

The roots

The “Brown Box” was world’s first commercial gaming system for domestic use. It was released in 1967, was based on TV connections and couldn’t lift the plank to become a bestselling hit. Unfortunately, this console has only sold 300.000 pieces until Atari hit the market with a big bang in the same year.

Both of these platforms are considered to be the starting points for gaming as we know it. The start was fresh, intriguing, promising even. The only thing that was missing was the multiplayer.

Let’s play together!


People were losing their minds over this hype in the seventies. Thus, a series of restaurants has installed arcade machines to capitalize on this new trend. Players were coming over and over to these places simply because their name could be in the high score screen. That’s how multiplayer began. Sure people were limited to a particular device where all they could do was sharing the scores. But it was a great start!

Thus, pushed forward by the momentum, the “Empire” was born in 1973. It was a turn-based strategy came people could play together on multiple devices. Needless to say it was a hit. Users have played it for more than 300.000 hours in 7 years. Then PLATO systems, the company responsible for the “Empire” have released Spasim, this world’s first multiplayer shooter.

Games played home, then online!

The first real “online” game technology was released in 1995 by Nintendo. It was called Satellaview. The only reason it took so long was the fact that the internet as we know it was only released to the public in 1993.

Today, the burst in processor technologies has allowed for creation of faster, responsive and addictive titles. We have a community of over 1.5 billion people playing online today. That’s as much as the total of people on Facebook.

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