Only 6% of Companies Survive After Losing Data

If your business was to lose data, how likely would it be that it could survive long-term? According to researchers, long-term data survival is not very likely at all, unfortunately. In fact, only 6% of companies will actually be able to thrive after losing data. This proves just how important having a data retrieval system in place really is. Continue reading to learn more so that you can be fully prepared.

A Few Stats to Put Things in Perspective

A research firm named Gartner Group performed a study that determined that about 43% of businesses were put out of business immediately when they suffered a major loss of their computer records. An additional 51% of businesses ended up closing down permanently within a mere two years of their major data loss. This means that only 6% of businesses that suffered a major loss of digital records and data actually went on to survive long-term.

Other interesting stats include the fact that 60% of businesses that end up losing their data are likely to close down within just six months of the data loss disaster. And a whopping 93% of businesses that end up losing their data center for at least 10 days as a result of a disaster will end up filing for bankruptcy within a year. Plus, half of businesses that lack a form of data management end up filing for bankruptcy right away.

What Your Business Needs

Your data is an integral component of your day-to-day business tasks, so it is vitally important that you keep it safe. Like most businesses, you probably have a network in place, too, and protecting it will be imperative. You should also have a system in place that allows for backups to be made frequently. Offsite storage, such as a cloud server, is also a good way to secure your data, especially since hardware can fail or become damaged during a natural disaster or during a theft. And another great feature that is available today to keep your data safe is 24/7 remote monitoring.

Having all of these systems in place can help prevent data from being lost, as well as help you recover data right away when something goes wrong so you don’t have to skip a beat when it comes to keeping your company going.

Don’t Become a Statistic

Your business is your means of making money, and without it, you and your employees would suffer. One of the best ways to keep it safe is by having a data backup and recovery system in place before it’s too late. So rather than hesitating on this aspect of running a modern company, you should look into the many brands that provide high-quality data storage and recovery products and services. Doing so will give you peace of mind, and it will also help prevent your business from becoming a statistic like so many others that failed because they were unable to keep going after a data disaster.

Don’t forget, too, that you can also protect your personal data at home with the same storage, backup, and recovery options, so definitely give them a try.

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