The Best Tech For Older Adults

Technology has improved our lives; making quality education readily available, more robust health a standard and helped mankind explore our world in new colours. The new age of information and technological advancement has propelled man to the pinnacle of a new era, where we finally have the kind of capability to improve the lives of people, young and old.

It’s a common understanding and a certain one. We all get old; it’s part of the human condition. The real question is; how gracefully do you age? You want quality of life, as you become an older adult. You want to grow old independently and maintain a certain degree of dignity as you do so. Modern technology has really stepped up to the plate, and caters for all generations of individuals in the planet.

The following technological devices and gadgets have proven that they can aid you in your daily tasks. That’s exactly what technology aims to do, improve life. If you’re an aging citizen and you feel the effects of an aging body then the following technology for older users is perfectly optimized to help you through the coming years.

Get To Grips With A Smartphone

If you’ve never owned a smartphone, now is the time. The world is moving away from traditional static computers and laptops. There’s no need to be afraid of smartphone technology, it’s far more user friendly and rewarding to use than traditional computers.

Even though smart phones can seem intimidating, they are easy to get to grips with and can be very rewarding for senior citizens.

Smart phones can keep you in contact with your friends and family and provide you with access to cutting edge technology like health apps. You can keep track of your health and even get in shape all from the palm of your hand. They also let you play at sites like Lucky Nugget casino Canada and other mobile optimized casinos, and enjoy games like Candy Crush that will keep your brain active.

Bigger Mobile Devices

If you’re in the market for smart technology but you’re just not the type for a smartphone then consider a tablet. Functioning almost identically to a hand-held smart phone, tablets are well suited to senior citizens because of their user-friendly nature and most of all larger display, which is easy to navigate.

Tablets will give you the same functionality as a smart phone and can provide you with access to helpful apps. These gadgets are replacing computers at a rapid rate; if you’re a forward thinking individual and you want to keep up with the times, then a tablet may just be the optimal device suited to your individual needs. Alternatively a phone like the iPhone X has a larger screen and make it easier to see what is going on.

Voice And Video

The world has not only been made smaller with air-travel, which allows you to connect to anywhere on the planet in a couple of hours, but also through modern technology which can connect you to the other side of the globe almost instantaneously.

Downloadable programs like Skype or mobile apps like FaceTime allow users to have a conversation with an individual or groups of other people around the globe. The Voice Over Internet Protocol service is like Wi-Fi calling, only users have the option to enable video, which links you to businesses, family and friends from anywhere at any given time.

Monitor Your Meds

Medication monitors are not only helpful they’re smart. The majority of all hospitalizations in older adults occur from medication mishaps; this being forgetting to take certain medication or not taking enough of it.

Technology has once again bridged this gap and new medication monitors will not only remind you to take your meds, they will link up to a mobile and call someone for you if the need arises. It’s a very helpful piece of tech that could end up saving your life.

Get A Driver

Your reflexes don’t last forever and when you get older, driving can become a hazard, not just for you but other road users too. We are constantly jacked into the Internet, whether it’s from a computer or smart mobile device accessing the online realm is always at your fingertips.

New technology and apps like Uber have chafed the transportation industry and getting from A to B is easier than ever before. If you’re a senior citizen that can’t drive anymore then make use of apps like Uber to commute to where you need to go.

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