This Video Claims That The ‘Back To The Future’ Trilogy Predicted 9/11

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Since today is the day that Marty McFly powered up the DeLorean time machine and headed to in the 1989 classic¬†Back to the Future II, it is considered¬†Back to the Future Day. Since we are celebrating, why wouldn’t we have a 9/11 truther who believes the trilogy predicted the terror attacks?

You see the Twin Pines Mall is representative of the Twin Towers in New York City and the Libyans that want their stolen plutonium back are representative of the terrorist. Plus, the time on the clock reads 1:16 and if you flip that upside down (because why not?) it reads…9:11! GREAT SCOTT.

But how does the narrator explain THIS?!?

The narrator reaches for answers like he has Inspector Gadget arms and it’s actually entertaining to hear, but extremely, extremely unbelievable as well.

The word stupid comes to mind.


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