Turning 21, What’s The Big Deal?

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Turning 21 is always considered such a massive milestone. When it’s your birthday people always do that weird thing when they ask how you feel to be another year older. They’ll say, how does it feel to be 19? Exactly the same probably, but it’s supposed to be different when you turn 21.

It’s considered the transition into adulthood that brings a whole host of new opportunities but is it really that different? A lot of the time, it depends on who you ask. The thing that people always say is so much better about 21 is that you can legally drink and play online casino whenever you want. If you aren’t that bothered about either of those things then turning twenty one is no different to any other birthday really.

But those aren’t the only things that you can do when you turn 21. In certain states, you need to wait until you’re legally an adult before you can get married without your parent’s consent.

As well as drinking, you can also start buying marijuana legally if you live in a state where it’s been legalized, so even if you aren’t interested in drinking and gambling, there are plenty of other things you can get up to.

Anybody that wants to own their own firearm is in luck as well. It makes sense that you can’t have a firearms license until you’re an adult so that’s another thing to look forward to when you officially turn from a child into an adult.

The other thing to remember is that, while you couldn’t legally drink before you were 21, that doesn’t mean that you’ve never done it. Most people drink before they’re 21 anyway so being able to do it legally isn’t that much of a big deal. Gambling before you’re 21 is a lot harder than drinking so that’s more likely to be a novelty. It’s not necessarily being able to do these things all of the time that people like, it’s just knowing that you’ve got the freedom to do it if you want to.

One of the not so great changes that is going to happen is that you’ll take on a whole lot more responsibility. When you turn 21 you’re officially an adult in all states and people will start to treat you as such. A lot of places consider you an adult at eighteen, but 21 is the highest age across the country. You’ll take on all of the responsibilities of an adult and people’s expectations of you will change. They’re less likely to cut you slack now that you’re an adult.

If you get in trouble with the law, you’ll be tried as an adult as well so the punishments are likely to be a lot harsher. These downsides often make it a bit of an anti-climax when you come of age.

Overall, turning 21 isn’t as big a deal as people like to make out. Half of the stuff that you can legally do like drinking and gambling, you were probably doing anyway. The reality is that you’re just going to have to take on a load of extra responsibilities and stop acting like a kid.

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