Will My Employer Fire Me?

From construction accidents to industrial diseases, there are many different scenarios that can occur in the workplace and result in a compensation claim. If you are thinking about using the services of accident lawyers to make a workplace claim, you will undoubtedly have plenty of questions running through your mind. One thing a lot of people worry about is the impact the claim is going to have on their job, with many fearing that they could be fired. However, this is something you do not need to fret about, and in this post, we will reveal the reasons why.

It is your employer’s responsibility to make sure the working environment they provide you with is a safe one

It is your employer’s duty to make sure the working environment they provide you with is healthy and safe. If they have failed in this responsibility and you have been injured as a result, they will recognize that they need to compensate you and they should have insurance in place to cover this. Moreover, if they were to fire you, they would only land themselves in further trouble, as you would then have grounds for unfair dismissal. 

Determining whether your employer is to blame for what happened to you

It is vital to recognize that there are many different ways your employer could have acted negligently or made an error that has resulted in your suffering. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the working environment was set up dangerously. It could mean that you haven’t been provided with the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or that your employer has failed to supply you with the necessary training on the workplace risks or using equipment properly. 

Make sure you handle the claim proceedings in the right way to maintain a good relationship

The only thing you need to do to maintain a good relationship with your employer is to handle everything above board when it comes to making the claim. For instance, by law, all employers are required to have an accident book. You will need to tell your employer and / or safety representative about the accident you have been involved in, as this needs to be recorded in the book. Failure to do so could result in difficulties for you later down the line. Working with a team of experienced personal injury lawyers is the best way to make sure that you handle everything correctly and above board. 

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the ‘consequences’ of making a claim against your employer. If you have grounds for compensation, you should not fear making a claim against your employer. This will come from the insurance policy that they are required to have in place by law. However, it is still important to make sure you handle everything in the correct way so that you maintain a good relationship with your employer and that you do not feel uncomfortable in the workplace. 

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