Man Parks Next To Police With Music Blaring, Has No License and 37 Bags Of Crack On Him Because Criminals Are Insanely Stupid

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If criminals were smart, imagine how much worse the drug epidemic could be. In Youngstown, Ohio over the weekend, 20-year-old Joseph Dawson was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and traffic charges after he parked next to a police cruiser and left his car unattended with the music blaring.

Officers took Dawson outside to question him and Dawson told them he did not have a license, reports said. Reports said officers cuffed him to take him into custody before writing him citations for loud music and driving without a license and Dawson told them he had nothing illegal on him.

Reports said officers found the bags of crack cocaine in a larger plastic bag and over $400 cash in his pockets. Dawson told police the drugs were for his personal use, reports said.

In that large bag were a total of 37 individual bags of crack cocaine.

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