Who Will You See Live This Year?

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Every year there people from all genres performing for the people of the world. Some of the best concerts and festivals in history have been thrown the last few years, thanks to the way that the music industry is changing. Whilst it’s still all about the music, it is now becoming more about putting on a show that is going to impress the audience. Some performers nail the relaxed, purely singing vibe. But some love to get the crowd pumped with backup dancers, special effects, and other additions that just make the atmosphere so good. So, with all of that in mind, who do you think you’ll be seeing this year? Here’s some events that we don’t think you should miss.


Concerts are just the best for having that electric atmosphere that leaves you wanting more. Concerts get bigger and better year on year, and this year there are some great performers that we recommend you go and see. All you need to do is check out websites such as, TicketOffices to see what’s available, and what you might like to go and see. One of the best to see this year if you like that relaxed, more soulful music, is Rod Stewart. His concerts are so laid back, and the vibe there is always amazing. If your type is something a bit more upbeat and mainstream, then the one for you might be the return on Eminem. His tour this year is likely to sell out, and the prices of tickets aren’t cheap. But if rapping is your vibe, he is one of the best, and he is known for putting on a show like no other.


Festivals are the best. There’s nothing like going to a festival with your friends, camping out, listening to some of the best music in the world and seeing a variety of different performers at once. Don’t get us wrong, festivals and camping isn’t for everyone, but you don’t even need to camp! You can just buy day tickets and come in and out for most of them! Plus, if you want to camp but not in the usual style, if you’re willing to pay extra there is VIP areas with pre-made tepees and bell tents with beds inside. A much more luxurious experience for everyone involved. Tickets might be expensive, but you’re paying for the weekend of your life. There are many festivals all over the world, but one we recommend that you go to is one such as Ultra festival in Miami!

Smaller Events

The smaller events are sometimes the best to go to. It’s going to see up and coming artists that won’t charge you a fortune, but have a talent like no other. Most of the gigs are free, and they’re usually in pubs or small locations so you can enjoy a drink at the same time. It’s best to give people like this credit, all they’re trying to do is make their way, and the more people that turn up to watch them, the more publicity they’re going to get!

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