A Step-by-Step Guide For International Fans Attending An American Sports Game

There was once a time when America was out there all on its own when it came to sports. The rest of the world played soccer, cricket, and rugby; America played football, basketball, ice-hockey, and baseball. Now, that’s all changed, thanks to better TV coverage, and of course the internet. Today, Americans follow soccer, and international audiences watch the NFL, NBA, and so on. So much so, in fact, that the NFL sometimes takes place in London! But for the true experience, you need to see a game – in any sport – in the states. Below, we run you through how you can do it.

Pick Your Sport

First thing’s first: what sport do you want to see? Each of baseball, football, ice-hockey, and basketball are worth seeing, but they’re all pretty different. And getting tickets and scheduling varies too; if you want to see a baseball match for example, then you’re unlikely to have any trouble because there are so many games each year. But football? That’s a different story, because each team is only guaranteed to play sixteen times. So pick your sport, and then see when your favorite team will be playing.

Book Your Flights

When it comes to international travel, the most important thing is to book your flights as early as possible. Everything else – the tickets, your hotel, your plans – can be arranged later, but if you miss the boat when it comes to securing your flights at a reasonable price, then all of your plans might have to be shelved. In general, it’s best to book your flights well in advance – say 4 – 6 months – before you plan to travel. And remember, you’ll pay much less if the team you want to see is located in a major city; it’s much cheaper to fly into New York than it is, say, Alabama.

Secure Your Tickets

Now let’s be real here: nothing would suck as much as booking your flights, making all your plans, flying over to the States, and then…not having tickets for the game you wanted to see! And it’s not just a matter of getting any old ticket; if you’re coming all this way, you want to be sitting in the best seats possible. If tickets for your chosen match have sold out – or there are no good seats left – then look for tickets on TicketOffices. With your tickets secure, you’ll be able to focus on having the best all-around journey possible. And talking of which….

Make The Trip Worthwhile

You might be travelling to the states for a sporting match, but by no means should that be the only thing you do! Instead, think of the match as the anchor of the trip; everything either side of the game is for you to do other things! That’s why it’s generally best to visit for at least a week; 10 days/two weeks is even better. With plenty of exploring time, you’ll be able to discover all the museums, nightlife, and culture that makes a trip to the States so enjoyable.

Make a Game Day Plan

It would be outright criminal for you to travel to a different country for a sporting match, and then just turn up at the time the game is supposed to start! This is going to be a day-long occasion! Get up early, have a hearty American breakfast, and then head to the ground. If you’re attending an NFL game, you’ll see plenty of tailgating action taking place. Get involved! People are a friendly bunch and will make you feel welcome (providing you’re supporting the right team). It’s a good idea to get into the stadium as early as possible to take photos, explore the grounds, and watch the atmosphere come to life. Afterwards, head to a nearby bar and join the locals for a few beers. With a bit of luck, the home side will have fun, and everyone will be loving life.

Bring your A Game

Remember, you’re not just a spectator at this sporting event: you’re a participant! It’s not just about standing there, taking photos of the players and the crowd. You’re one of the people who will help generate the atmosphere, alongside many thousands of others. Before you go, learn the words to any chants, and get ready to show your passion for the team. If you do, you’ll have done your part for creating an electric atmosphere than all attendees will feel.

And there you have it. Enjoy your travels, and the game!

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