Advantages and Disadvantages of Football Betting

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It’s not the first year online football betting holds leading position in the list of most popular sports among bettors. That’s not surprising since football has multi-million audiences around the world.

Football World Cup attracts so many viewers no other sports tournament can attract. Football World Cup draws more than a billion TV viewers from all corners of the globe for two weeks.

That’s why football betting is treated specially by most of bettors and bookmakers which pay extra attention to this type of sport.

Usually majority of bookmakers offer widest football betting line compared to other sports, quite high maximum bet limits and low bookmaker margin.

Advantages of Football Betting

Since football today is the most popular type of sport to place online bets, most bookmakers offer highest bet limits on football betting lines.

  • Low margin. The industry of online bets is very competitive. That’s why bookmakers have to offer bonus credits to new punters and increase coefficients on many football games to stay afloat. Usually football online bets offer 5-7 point higher payout coefficients than other types of sports such as volleyball and hockey.
  • Large number of TV broadcasts. Again, because of its high popularity, this sport has largest number of broadcasts compared to other sports. Having the opportunity to access satellite TV, you can watch almost all types of football championships and place online bets.

Disadvantages of Football Betting

Because online bets on football matches are highly popular, bookmakers pay closest attention to calculating odds for this type of sport. Several hours and even several days before a match, bookmakers always watch each other and adjust odds to make them almost similar. That’s why it’s very hard to find unreasonably high coefficients (except for some unpopular tournaments which usually have very low online bets limits).

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