Could You Fall In Love With The Teeing Ground?

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Robin Williams did one of the funniest skits ever about golf. He pretty much summed it up for a lot of people who don’t play the game. He said you ‘whack the ball, then get in the cart’ and this is repeated over and over. He alluded to how easy it was to lose your temper when you lose your ball in the tall grass and weeds. You stand there on a pleasant landscape that is routinely cared for, but all you can do is swing away at your ball with what feels like a tire iron. For lots of people, this dig at golf was justified as the sports isn’t for everybody. However, golf is more popular than it’s ever been. It’s more accessible than it’s ever been and more and more 18-hole courses are opening up to the public. You never know until you’ve tried it, whether or not it will fit you like a tailored glove.

The basics

For golf, you need a lot of equipment that is suitable for the courses. Studded golf shoes are worn, so you don’t slip on the grass while trying to exert as much strength as you possibly can onto a tiny ball. It’s advisable to wear a visor so as you look out over the course the sun doesn’t blind your vision. This is key, so you get a good estimation of the undulations, so your shots are accurate. Gloves are of course one of the most important things you need to grip the clubs properly. And yes, finally the clubs themselves are the end all be all quite frankly.

Don’t be shy

So where do you get taught this game? Well, there’s no secret science to it, you just go out and do it. Many if not all driving ranges will have instructors that will take yours through the basics of body position, posture, and weight balance. They will dissect how your upper body and lower body will need to move for different shots. They’ll correct your form and instruct you on how to hold the clubs in the proper form to get all your strength onto the ball in your first swing.

The culture

This part is what gets underneath people’s skin, but if we’re honest, every sport has its own culture. Some courses are so large it would take all day to walk them so of course a little golf cart is used. Silence is a golden rule when someone is taking a shot so don’t expect to be laughing and joking in a nonchalant manner. People who love it take the game very seriously and tempers can flare if you’re disrespectful. Once you get good at it, you can feel comfortable with using a service that will Ship Golf Clubs to your chosen golf resort. Get used to the higher class of living because golf tournaments fetch a high price for the winner. It’s a niche sport yet it feels like it’s one of the most funded around the world.

It’s not for everybody, but everybody should give it a chance before you say no. Golf is a great stress reliever because you’re out on the course in the open weather and taking your time to make every swing count. It’s a leisurely game also with a serious side.

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