How to Get into the World of Golf

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If you want to get into the world of golf, then there’s a lot to learn! In this article, we’ll be giving you an overview of what to expect when you start to play this game.

Creating the Right Swing

Golfers strive to create the perfect swing for years, even the pros are never done practicing their swing. It’s essential to be strong enough but still flexible when you tee off. Everyone on the course that sees you’re a beginner will probably give you different advice too.

This kind of contradictory advice can actually be detrimental to your progress, so try to stick with the basics. You can work with a coach at this time, as they will be able to instruct you to get the most from your time on the green. This is a good starting point to work with a coach, as a little instruction can go a long way. You can also find a lot of tips online that you can practice in your own backyard, from how to hit a chip shot to the proper putting stroke.


Practice on the Range

Practicing on a driving range will start you off with a lot of additional power. Really practice here as much as possible before you hit the green, as it’s a great way to get a lot of practice in a short space of time. Rounds of golf can take hours, whereas an hour on the range will do a lot more for your swing.

This kind of practice is targeted and you should aim to get through a bucket of balls when you play. Make sure you’re careful however, as you don’t want to overstretch yourself and cause an injury.

Get your Equipment

Investing in your equipment is mandatory for golfers, as you can’t borrow clubs if you want the flexibility to play when you want. If you don’t want to spend a lot then look for retailers like The Golf Warehouse who offer great equipment without a big price tag (they also have a “Golf Discount” section which is full of great deals on equipment and apparel). You can also find online suggestions and reviews on equipment that would help. Click here, for example, to see a review of the best wedges.

There’s usually quite a lot to buy when you’re new to golf, from clothing to clubs, so set yourself a budget and stick to it. Don’t invest too much if you feel like it may just be a fleeting hobby for you.

Review the Fundamentals

No matter how advanced you get in golf, never lose sight of those all-important fundamentals. The game is based on these and even when you’re more experienced you can get a lot from practicing the basics. Simple things like working on your stance further down the line can crush your previous scores.

If you start playing golf without a lot of training then you might have neglected some of these basics in favour of getting practical experience. This can impact how you perform but it can also mean you could be doing something that could injure you further down the line. Go back, refresh yourself and work with a coach who can tell you the small adjustments you need to make for a big change.

With these beginner steps in your mind, get out onto the green and experience what golf is all about, you’re bound to love it.

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