Get Your Wife To Enjoy Watching The Game

Occasionally – very occasionally – it is possible for a man to convince his girl to sit down and watch the game with him. It could even be that your partner goes through peaks and troughs. One week she may have no interest all, and go as far as hiding the remote or pulling out the plug. The next week she might bear it just as a means of spending time with you, despite having no interest in who is playing who. And another week she may find she gets caught up in the total euphoria and emotion of it all. But there is no surefire way of knowing which of these three it will be.

But don’t lose all faith just yet, because there are ways that you can make watching sport a couple’s thing. It is just a matter of knowing how, which is where we come in.

The Connection

Now we don’t want to stereotype, but if you can find a personal connection to a sport, team, some funny moments, or even a certain player, then you will have grounds to build from. Luckily, sporting heroes these days tend to be celebrities too. So why not tell her who is playing by stating that he goes out with what’s her name from that show you love. It could even be that you create a connection by having her take control of the betting. It’s a risk, but let her see what they are saying at Or you can go that one step further, and get settled into the game – with an iPad on hand – and start researching the different player’s stories. Everyone has a story we can relate to or sympathise with or get inspired by, and your partner will be no different.

The Teacher

The biggest reason why most partners don’t enjoy watching sports is because they don’t understand the rules. So be patient and explain to her what the objective is, how they score points, who to look out for. A great way to do that is to read this advice from the guys at What’s more, encourage her to ask questions and never belittle her or talk down. If she doesn’t understand something, explain it to her. This is a surefire way to get her more interested in it. Just always remember, you have been watching sports all your life, she hasn’t.

The Time Limit

Some days, the games can last all day. Sometimes all weekend. This is an attractive weekend proposition for you, but not your lady, so don’t enforce it on her. Just pick the one game you can’t go without watching and stick to that. If you sit there all day, you are going to damage your chances of getting her into it. So just go with a set time limit. Ask if she wants to watch just your team play, or go with the highlights of all the games that evening, but that is all.

The Kids

This is a total low-blow (kind of) but start getting your kids into sports as soon as possible. If they want to watch it then mummy will have no choice but to start liking it too.

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