Joe Flacco Was on David Letterman Last Night and Contract Negotiations Came Up

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joeflaccolettermanSuper Bowl MVP* quarterback Joe Flacco was on David Letterman last night in one of the first stops of what I am sure is nothing short of a circus of a media tour.  Letterman got right down to it, asking Flacco if owner Steve Bisciotti would open his wallet if they won.

When were all done you can come into my office and beat me up, get me down on all fours and grab my wallet?

Flacco laughed, and then told of the conversation he and Bisciotti had earlier in the season.

Earlier in the year, when I wasn’t signing what they wanted me to sign, he said ‘listen when the time comes, you can come and beat on my desk’ and I said ‘alright, I’ll take you up on that’..and I think the time has come.

Flacco is going to get paaaaid.

The rest of the interview was a pleasant surprise.  The often “meh” Flacco was actually engaging.  He talked about Ray Lewis a bit and Letterman even addressed the Deer Antler Spray.  Also, the power outage, and the play afterwards, was talked about too.  Check out the video below.


*Should have been Jacoby Jones, just sayin.

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