LeBron James Sends Ohio State Some Gifts For Their Champions

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Urban Meyer and his Ohio State University coaching staff grade their players. On workouts, classroom, practices, integrity, etc. If you succeed in all facets of the program, you are a champion. If you are a champion, you are treated like a champion. Better food, more amenities. The incentive to be a champion of the fall camp at Ohio State is definitely there, but it just got a little bit sweeter via another champion.

LeBron James has gifted each Buckeye a brand new pair of his LeBron XIII Low’s. The catch is each player has to be a champion of the program to get their kicks. No word on if you get Curry Two Low’s if you are not a champion, although I personally think it’s a fantastic idea.

The LeBron XIII Low featured in Urbz picture retails for $149.99.



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