Rio 2016’s Strangest Events & How To Try Them Yourself!

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We’re a few months departed from the closing ceremony of Rio 2016, but it’s still very much on our minds. We were treated to some outstanding feats of athletic brilliance throughout the competition. They’re sure to stick long in the memory.

One of the most enticing things about the Olympics is watching the events that you’d never normally watch. There was a whole host of strange events that some of us never even knew existed before we switched on our televisions!

We’re going to focus on some of the strangest events from this year’s Olympics and discuss how you can get involved in them yourself.


Race Walking

Have you ever felt like running was just a bit too much for you? Enter race walking — an event that requires you don’t break into a run under any circumstances. That might sound easy, but it’s actually a very demanding sport. It’s also quite hilarious to watch!

You can get involved with race walking all over the world. There are numerous websites dedicated to it, containing lots of videos and thousands of pages of information.

Canoe/Kayak Slalom

This is an impressive sport to watch, for sure! It involves people manning a canoe or kayak and throwing themselves down a water-filled obstacle course. As they go, they’re required to clear gates. It requires extreme skill under tough circumstances.

You won’t want to jump into this right away! Beginners could start by looking for the best sit on top kayak to acquaint themselves with the sport. It’ll take a long time to become an expert, so work on your skills and look to the internet for advice!

Water Polo

Water polo is one of the most physically demanding sports in all of the Olympics. It requires outstanding swimming ability and physical strength. It’s also fascinating to watch and often becomes embroiled in barging and lots of whistle-blowing.

Water polo is a fairly popular sport in the USA, and more-so in some European countries. You’ll find a team to get involved with at your local pool if you’re interested in many cases. It’s not a luxurious or well-paid sport, but it’s a lot of fun, and it’ll get you fit!



The idea of fencing at the Olympics isn’t anything new, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a bizarre sport! Unless you’re well versed in the rules before you start watching, it’s easy to not understand what’s going on. But, it’s a visual spectacle, and that’s what makes it attractive viewing.

Fencing is a big deal in the USA, and there are loads of clubs available for you to join. Beginners are always welcome, and it’s a great activity to both make new friends and improve your fitness.

Steeplechase (Athletics)

You know how some people watch NASCAR for the crashes? That’s kind of the appeal of Steeplechase. It adds crazy hurdles and water jumps to a normal running race to create carnage and chaos along the way.

You might find it hard to find a steeplechase association in your local area. The internet is your friend if you want to get involved, as it isn’t a well-known or popular event in many places.

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