Six tips for getting the most out of exercising in spring 

We all know that winter can be awesome thanks to Christmas, Santa Claus and snowball fights. However, after a while, all that darkness and cold can leave you yearning for the onset of warmer months. One of the best seasons of the year for many is spring – while not as blisteringly hot as actual summer, it is still a beacon of light and relief from winter’s cold grip.

As well as daffodils and Easter, spring is also great for longer days. Lighter in the mornings and also at nights, it can really help you feel better and get more done. One aspect of your life that may get a boost from these longer spring days is exercising. More light and less snow just makes you want to get out there and work out more. 

However, before you pull on your running shoes, take a step back. It is first worth knowing how to make the most of exercising in the springtime. 

Get the most out of your spring exercise sessions

If you are looking for some great tips on exercising in spring like a pro, then the below should help:

  • Wear compression gloves these are handy for everyone, but compression gloves for women are a great tip. As the days are lighter and longer at this time of year, you might find yourself exercising outside later. While spring can be warmer, you could still find your hands getting cold as you hit those squats. Compression gloves will help to keep them warm and enable you to grip onto any equipment you may use properly with their silicone grip technology. 
  • Take it outside – as noted above, spring is great because it means that you can start exercising outside again. Gyms are great no doubt, but it is nice to sometimes get out into the fresh air for a run or a power walk. This is especially true after being cooped up inside during winter! Make the most of those longer spring days by moving your workout routine outdoors.
  • Make it social – one great way to make the most of your exercise sessions at this time of year is to work out with friends. This will not only mean that you are more likely to actually do it, but it is also a great social activity. It will ensure that you keep in regular touch with your buddies through exercise and will get you out of the house more.
  • Wear the right gear it is worth making sure that you have the right clothing on to make the most of spring’s longer days. Doing this will keep you warm from the cooler spring air and stop you getting too toasty as you go through your routine. If you try to work out in your winter clothes, then you will soon get too hot! 
  • Think about getting up earlier the long days at this time of year don’t just mean having more time at nights to exercise. It is lighter in the mornings now compared to winter, which gives you a chance to work up a sweat then too. Many people will choose to get up early and exercise before work or the school run to make sure that they fit it in. Although it might sound a bit much, you can feel much more energized for the day when doing it this way. 

Set a schedule 

One key thing to do when getting going again in spring is to draw up an exercise schedule to follow. Whether you rise early in the morning light or work out later as the sun dips a little, make sure to stick to your plan. This will ensure that you do not waste time deciding when you will exercise or what you will do. In terms of what you will do, make the most of the better weather now by switching up what you have been doing over winter. This could mean playing golf, jogging outside, or even hitting the local park!

Spring clean your body this spring

For many people, this is the ideal time of year to start getting in shape for summer. Not only is the weather better, but you also feel more motivated. To really make the most of your workouts in this wonderful season, the above tips are worth taking on board. While it will not automatically make that magical six pack appear, it should at least make sure that you get all that you can from exercising.

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