The Essential Adventure Sports Emergency Kit (Don’t Leave Home Without It)

The thing about adventure sports like surfing, mountain climbing, and mountain biking is that you have to accept the inevitability of injury. I’m not saying it a foregone conclusion that you will end up with a severe injury, but a small annoying one, once in a while is entirely is likely. Luckily, there are some supplies you can take with you on your adventure sports trip to help prevent and treat such injuries, read on to find out what they are.

Rubbing and chafing

One issue that occurs in many different disciplines is rubbing and chaffing of the skin. This can happen due to shoes and footwear, because of clothes or undergarments, and even if you are carrying a pack or equipment on your shoulders.

Usually, it occurs when an item from the previous list is making contact with your skin and because of your movement is being pulled across it repeatedly. Of course, this can result in chafing and soreness, and even painful blisters over a more extended period. Blisters being the liquid filled bubbles that form on the skin to protect the new epidermis from further damage.

Happily, there are some small and simple items that you can pack in your emergency kit that can help alleviate this issue. The first is petroleum jelly, which can be smeared onto the skin to provide a protective barrier. The second is to pack some specialist blister plasters which can be used on the feet and can provide cushioning between the surface that is causing the friction and your skin.


For any woman exercising and adventuring outdoors, sunburn is a real issue. Of course, it’s not just the initial pain of this that is problematic but also the increased risk of cancer as well. What this means is that you need to have products that both protect you from getting sunburned in your emergency pack, as well as one that can help treat it if it does occur.

A preventative product that all adventurous should carry is UVA and UVB sunscreen. Although it may only be necessary to take some easy to carry wipes, and SPA lip balm, if you have applied a once a day variety and allowed it time to set before you go outside.

Also, it’s crucial to remember that sometimes no matter how careful you are, burns can happen. That is why it’s also important to remember to pack an effective after sun as well. Something that you can buy from any chemists store, or even use aloe vera to make yourself.

Minor abrasions and cuts

While you will probably want to avoid things like minor cuts and abrasions as much as possible, when you are hurting down a mountain on two wheels, wiping out in the ocean, or popping an ollie at the local skate park accidents can happen.

That is why all emergency kits need to contain three essential items. The first is sticky plasters or butterfly strips which can hold wounds together and protects them for getting dirty. The second is some antiseptic cream which will sterilize the injury, something that can be quite useful if you get scrapes and grazes from falling outside.

Of course, such wounds, although small can be super painful as well as that is why it’s useful to include a topical anesthetic like the ones  Elma make as well. After all, if you want to make the most of your day, you will need something that will stop the pain and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.


Anyone that is taking part in vigorous exercise out of doors run the risk of becoming dehydrated if they do not keep their water intake up. Unfortunately for those of us that are somewhat obsessed by our sport, it can be all too easy to get lost in the flow and forget to rest and refuel.

The scary thing is that dehydration isn’t just something that makes you feel a little ill and throws you off focus. In fact, it can be much more severe than that, and even escalating into heat stroke which can be fatal. Signs of the latter to watch out for include shivering, chills, dry mouth, a headache and general weakness.

Including a drink with electrolytes is essential for any emergency pack.

That is why the last thing that you emergency pack should contain is not only some additional water but also a drink that is packed with energy and electrolytes as well. Something that can really help you feel a lot better if you have gone too long without hydrating and maybe even save your life!

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