The Essentials That Every Keen Golfer Shouldn’t Be Without

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There’s nothing better than waking up early on a bright Saturday morning, enjoying a cup of strong coffee and preparing to enjoy a morning partaking in your favorite past time. You can’t wait to put on your golfing shoes, throw the clubs in the back of the car and venture to meet pals down at the clubhouse. Your handicap is improving every month, and you’re ready to take your game one step further. You have been practicing at the driving range for a few weeks now, and you’re seeing increased distances and accuracy with your woods. Your swing isn’t looking too shabby either. Now it’s time to think about taking this golfing lark a bit more seriously. You’ve paid your club fees and committed to playing a round at least once a week. However, you’re only as good as your equipment. Take a look at your balls and clubs and consider if they should stay with you on your journey as you improve your game.

It’s not just the clubs you need to think about. There is a range of golfing gadgets and technology that can enhance your game. Take a look and discover the range of gizmos and equipment on the market that will get you swinging like Justin Rose in no time.


If the weakness in your game begins the moment you set foot on the green, you might benefit from a laser putting trainer. For less than $40, you can pick up one of this ingenious little gadgets. This nifty little device attaches to your putter and recognizes the hole that you so desperately want to putt your ball into in a single shot. A laser line guide then shows you the most effective pathway to the flag.

As well as the gadget itself, it’s probably a good idea to take a look at the quality of your putter. Take a look at the best blade putters on the market if you’re looking to improve your game. With a solid weight behind them and a smooth motion they are used by beginners, improving amateurs and professionals alike.

To complete your putting equipment trilogy, consider purchasing a home putting carpet. Luckily these do not have to take up the entire floor space of the downstairs of your home. These small mats are relatively inexpensive, and along with your new blade putter and laser trainer, could see you make super fast improvements in your shots on the greens.


Even your smug friend with the lowest handicap loses their ball sometimes. If you invest in decent golf balls, you don’t want to be losing them all the time, only to hunt for them for a good hour and still never find them. With a handy little Scout Ballfinder, you will be able to locate your ball with ease. The clever little gizmo works by using a high-resolution digital camera. All you have to do is head to the general area in which you lost the ball, point the gadget towards it and push the search button. As soon as the camera has picked up your ball, the Scout will vibrate and light up a pathway towards the ball.  Never again will you have to lose balls and forever be replacing them.


Traditionally the makers of car sat nav systems, Garmin has brought out an incredible GPS enabled golf watch that has 39,000 golf courses installed and fully mapped. This means that chances are, any golf course that you rock up to with your buddies on the weekend will be in your watch ready for you to view. Wherever your ball lands, you will be able to take a look at the gadget on your wrist to receive information telling you how far you’ve got to the pin, how to navigate the course in the most efficient way and it even comes with a digital scorecard. This gadget is the epitome of modern golfing technology.


If you’re putting is pretty sound, and you don’t tend to lose many balls, you may want to focus on your swing. The Golfsense 3D Motion Swing Analyser is a full system that analyses your swing as you drive and then allows you to view the data in graphical format on your smartphone or tablet. It will analyse your backswing, follow through and everything in between. It will look at your posture and grip, working out your all important swing score. This is the perfect partner when you head down to the driving range after work to put a couple of extra hours in towards enhancing your game. This gadget will even suggest ways to improve your swing and set you mini goals acting as your own personal Bluetooth powered golfing coach.


If your drive is veering way off course and you are finding it hard to land any ball on the fairway when teeing off, it may be worth investing in a home driving range net. You will need a fair amount of space in your back garden to set this piece of equipment up, but you will be able to enhance your drive without having to make a trip to the range. From the comfort of your own garden, you’ll be able to get your driver out and unleash its power without risking a broken window or complaints from the neighbors.

For a sport that has been played across the world for over five hundred years and is heavily dominated by the older generation, golf is staking its claim to having the most technologically advanced set of gadgets to aid players swings, putting and shot selection. These gizmos will inevitably attract a younger generation into the sport and will help novices enhance their games faster. Golf is the perfect blend of enjoying the outdoors and walking for fitness. Add to this an added level of skill and endurance, and golf could be your perfect new hobby.

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