The Iron Sheik: Who is Running His Twitter Account?

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There are many parody accounts on Twitter these days.  Some are funny and some are just plain stupid.  In addition to these accounts that mock celebrities are accounts from the celebrities themselves.  The Iron Sheik’s twitter account reads like it’s coming from the mind of a nearly insane foreigner who can’t come to grips with the fact that celebrities often do things you won’t agree with. Whoever is the hot topic or trending on a given day often becomes centered in the crosshairs of The Iron Sheik’s tweets. From his perspective on pop culture and world news to his still fiery hatred for Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior, his account is definitely one you should check out.

However, should it be considered a celebrity account or a parody account?  It is a Twitter verified account, but often times it feels like someone else is writing the tweets for The Sheik.  Other times, you could swear it is the 72 year-old Iranian spitting hate like only he could.

It could be argued that it is the Sheik because this isn’t the first time the account has come into question.  His daughter, Tanya, had to come out and publicly deny the fact that The Sheik wasn’t the one behind his tweets.  Included in her 2012 statement were The Sheik’s managers, Page and Jian Magen of Magen Boys Entertainment.

The Iron Sheik’s Twitter account and Facebook account are, for the final time, completely verified by The Iron Sheik himself and both his business managers, The Magen Boys, and myself, his daughter, Tanya Vaziri. My dad, The Iron Sheik has been recovering from a serious ankle injury and, while recovering, has spent time using these outlets to express his views on the world to entertain his close to 100,000 Twitter followers. Due to his outbursts and popularity on Twitter Iron Sheik was asked to sit on a panel at a recent Twitter conference in Los Angeles…


The video above of The Sheik at the aforementioned conference was made available on his Facebook page.  Unfortunately, during the panel The Iron Sheik says he doesn’t know how to “read or write very good” but has a young agent that takes care of all his reading and writing.  The young agent he refers to, and even points to, is Page Magen sitting to his left.  That doesn’t help the argument.  Neither does the next video, in which Sheik claims he has “no Facebook or Twitter”.


The video above was also addressed in the statement from Tanya.

Unfortunately a video has surfaced by promoters telling my dad to say that he does not have these accounts. My dad, as his fans can attest, sometimes says things that he doesn’t understand and is too honest and naive to know that he was being tricked into saying this. The only logical reason that makes sense for these promoters to do is for their own purposes because they have a bulls–t website ‘representing’ him that they try to run for their own benefit. They have, on countless occasions, gone against his management and family to try to sabotage Iron Sheik’s social media for reasons that are too carny for me to understand. They have countless videos for sale on their site which we have NEVER seen a cent for yet they go out of their way to promote false claims.

I do find it suspicious that only the audio of The Iron Sheik denying his social media accounts is available on that video, but I find it more suspicious that his own daughter is going with the ignorance defense.  Are we supposed to believe that a person who uses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as much as The Sheik is alleged to is ignorant enough to be tricked into saying he doesn’t have these accounts?  How is that even possible?  Unless the person behind the camera is paying him big bucks for that statement, I don’t see a scenario in which a person with this much tech smarts is duped into giving that statement.

Perhaps The Sheik is more advanced than we thought?  Maybe he is a pop culture junkie?  It would explain his hatred for Chris Brown and wanting to give it to Gisele Bundchen the “old country way”.  It would also make this tweet on Sunday make sense.

the iron sheik

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, right?  Perhaps the Magen’s are behind the tweets, but they are tweeting what The Sheik tells them too, verbatim.  That would explain the broken English yet perfect grammar.  A more believable explanation is The Sheik gives them a couple of one liners to use every once in a while.  Then The Sheik’s account can be claimed as verified and the Magen’s aren’t lying when they say that The Sheik relays what he wants tweeted.

Also, instead of a couple updates per week, the boys can then take it upon themselves to tweet for The Sheik and have everyone else believing it is the Iranian Assassin who is always caught up on the news in the entertainment and sporting worlds. 

But here’s the thing.  That is nothing new. 

Stars do that more often than you think.  Even the President of the United States does it.  The only difference between these accounts is that the latter makes sure that their followers know when it is actually them tweeting.  The POTUS signs his tweets with “-bo”.  How about having the Sheik sign the tweets he actually writes (or relays) and the Magen’s do the same for all of their tweets where they are pushing merchandise?  That seems fair, right?

It is abundantly clear, at least to me, that this is not The Iron Sheik tweeting from his account.  At the very least, it is one of the Magen boys tweeting what he says and at the most, it’s someone other than The Iron Sheik entirely making up these tweets and posing as the iconic wrestler.  And before you bring up the verification argument again, if you read through the qualifications for verification, you will see that it really wouldn’t be all that hard for the Magen’s to get this account verified.

Although the account can be funny at times, I think it is either time to fess up to this scam or to hand the phone over to the real Iron Sheik.  Hearing from The Real Iranian himself, no matter funny or not, would be ten times better than having the wool pulled over our eyes by his family and managers.

If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it verified, I will.  I got spare time.  But for your sake, and his daughter’s sake, why don’t you think about letting the old man tweet for himself?

By the way, Happy Birthday to The Sheikie!  He turns 73 on March 15th.