Tom Brady vs. Nick Foles Is A One-Sided Affair Of Epic Proportions

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Tom Brady has won five Super Bowls, there’s only one other player that can claim this accolade and it’s not Nick Foles. On top of this he has been to the Super Bowl 8 times, that’s more than any other player in history!

It is easy to see how Brady is considered by many as one of the greatest quarterbacks to have ever played.

In contrast Nick Foles is a much younger and doesn’t possess the apparent successes of Brady.

However, this doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had its own share of achievements. Foles is the first quarterback to throw a perfect passing rate and seven touchdowns in one game.

Unfortunately he has not provided consistent performances of this caliber, making it a seemingly impossible task when facing Brady.

But, this is actually where Foles might come out as David when fighting Goliath.

The Odds

There is no doubt that the money is on Brady. If you fancy a flutter on the Super Bowl then you’re probably considering favoring Brady and the Patriots and who can blame you! Just remember that you should only use legal super bowl betting sites, otherwise the only winner is the bookie.

However, before you rush to place your bet on the Patriots or Brady, it’s worth considering why this epic battle might not be as straight forward as it seems.

The Stats

Brady has 27-9 against Foles 2-1, he has an impressive 9,721 pass yards to Foles 793 with 68 touchdowns to 5. Let’s face it; Brady is already a legend in the game!

But Nick Foles isn’t playing Brady directly. All he has to do is deliver the quality he showed in his first season with the Eagles; the same quality he has been showing throughout the current season. The only person Foles is really competing with is himself.

That’s the beauty of the Super Bowl, it’s impossible to know what each game will bring. As the underdog Foles has the advantage of not needing to impress everyone, he just needs to do his best for his team.

Brady, on the other hand, has an incredible reputation to live up to; the pressure of doing so could just prove too much. Especially as he is attempting to break a 51 year old curse, that of being a Super Bowl winner and an NFL MVP, both are still possible and it’s never been done before!

On top of this Brady will be looking to be the first ever player to win a Super Bowl and be the passing leader. The pressure really is on.

It’s impossible to predict what will actually happen in what might appear as a one-sided battle. Anything can happen on the night, after a quarterback is just one of 11 players on the field. As long as Nick Foles keeps his head on the game, Brady could find himself in for the biggest upset of his career, as two potential records are snatched from him!

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