Week 2 NFL Pick Em Results

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Much like most of the games of week 2, our picks sucked. Alot of the games didn’t turn out the way everyone expected, which is shown in our week 2 paltry winning score of 9-7 by Sahli and So Cal Shredder. All of the authors at Thunder Treats have a 21-11 record through 2 weeks this year, except for myself coming in at 20-12. So far this year, we are trailing most of the analysts at ESPN. ESPN Expert Picks. Somehow Chris Mortensen went 11-5 last week but in all fairness, he has an advantage because everyone else didn’t have a 24 day NFL training camp tour to get all the inside information. Look at the bright side, Jaws joins us in the basement at 19-11, but don’t forget he doesn’t pick Monday Night Football since he does call the games. Check back on Friday for our Week 3 picks.

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