Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga, on the Cover of the New Maxim


Everyone’s favorite girlfriend, Danielle Fishel, is back in a big way.  You may know Danielle better as Topanga or that girl you had a crush on growing up.  Well now you can renew your crush because Maxim has gotten a hold of our girl and she looks phenomenal.

31 year-old Danielle Fishel is not only looking great, she is also gearing up for her return to the small screen.  She will be opposite Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) in a reboot of the popular Boy Meets World television series.  The new series, however, will revolve around Cory and Topanga’s daughter and will be dubbed Girl Meets World.


Check out the interview and photo shoot Maxim did with Fishel here and check out some of the pics from the shoot below.

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Pictures via Maxim.com

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Danielle Fishel  has a fake www.edesirs.us account that I  found with her Full pics. Should I confront her or sit back and see what she does?

Anthony DiNunzio
Anthony DiNunzio

They released a statement that Mr Feeney will be in the pilot ep, and will promptly die of ass cancer. Cause Boy Meets World was so corny the only way to make it work was apply the butter from Topanga's face. Peace, The Curmudgeon