Hump Day Hottie: Katie Nolan

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katie-nolan-3This week’s Hump Day Hottie is from Guyism.com.  Katie Nolan is a content producer for Guyism.com, one of my favorite sites, and a co-founder of bitchescanthang.com.  In addition to providing great articles for the website, she also produces a daily best of the web YouTube show called “Speed Round”.  The videos, which I HIGHLY recommended subscribing to and watching, last about 5 minutes and go over some of the headlines of the current day.  Katie’s hilarious and sometimes sick humor are what brought me back to watch.  It also helps that she is a total smoke show.

The picture gallery below is from her Facebook Fan Page, I suggest liking the shit out of that.  You can follow her on Twitter here and read her articles from Guyism here.  I included today’s Speed Round below…give it a watch, you’ll be entertained for sure.

I bet it would be awesome to get shit faced with her…

Congrats to Katie being named this weeks Hump Day Hottie!


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