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Sony Releases Final ’22 Jump Street’ Red Band Trailer and it is Your Best Nightmare


Sony has released the last of their trailers for the upcoming “22 Jump Street” and if you’re not on board by now, then you probably won’t ever be. This trailer follows Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as they head to college, and subsequently, spring break. The trailer shows great promise for another hilarious film and if you didn’t like the first one, then I don’t like you.

Cameron Diaz ‘Sex Tape’ Trailer Looks Worse Than ‘Bad Teacher’


So, let me get this straight. We are supposed to sit here and believe Cameron Diaz and her husband(?) gave out iPads to people as gifts for Christmas? I guess that isn’t a far stretch until said people includes their boss and their mailman. It’s like they nailed the overall premise of the movie and then half way through shooting it, needed to come up with a plan on how exactly the sex tape was going to be accidentally sent to friends.

Sure, Cameron Diaz is rocking a see through shirt in this NSFW Red Band trailer, but if we know anything it’s that Cameron Diaz is excruciatingly painful to watch in a comedic role, a term I use very loosely.

Dan Cortese Tells TMZ He and Bill Bellamy Are Bringing Back ‘Rock N’ Jock’


Did you feel that? No, it’s not a fracking-induced earthquake below your feet, it’s the powers that be aligning to bring back one of the best sporting events in the lives of every person in the 25-40 demographic.

The Rock N’ Jock B-Ball Jam.

If you are in the aforementioned age demographic, or near it, then I am sure you remember how awesome it was to turn on MTV on a Saturday afternoon in 1991 and see a bunch of rock stars, movie stars, athletes and other celebrities playing a hyped up game of round ball.

Jimmy Fallon Got Whooped by Lindsay Lohan in Water War

lindsay lohan water war

Lindsay Lohan was one of the guests last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I fell asleep before she came on, but I’m assuming she was there to talk about her upcoming documentary/reality/need a paycheck show that is debuting on OWN this Sunday.

During the monologue, Fallon said that Lindsay Lohan wanted to play Water War with him. For those of you who didn’t watch Fallon when he was on the Late Show, Water War is basically the simple card game War but the loser of each hand gets water thrown in their face.

Marty McFly’s Shoes are Available and Now You Can Have His Hoverboard Too


Perhaps one of the best movie franchises of my thirty year existence (relax, nerds, I said “perhaps” and “one of”), Back to the Future, has spawned some of the best marketing tactics ever. A couple years ago, we were all dumbfounded when Nike announced they would be releasing the glowing Nike Air Mag shoe, aka the Marty McFly’s. The demand and buzz created from the shoe went above and beyond what was expected and the shoes didn’t even lace themselves, like in the movie.

Terry Richardson Brings out the Best in Lea Michele in New V Magazine Shoot

lea michele cover

Lea Michele gets a reputation as a good girl. Probably because of her long running role on Glee. However, leave it to photographer Terry Richardson to take that reputation and blow it up. In fact, this isn’t the first time the pair has worked together. You might remember the Glee themed photo shoot that Richardson did not too long ago with Michele, Dianna Agron and the late Cory Monteith.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Team Up for History of Rap 5

fallon and timberlake

Jimmy Fallon wrapped up his first week as the new host of The Tonight Show as well as we all could have imagined. As soon as it was announced that Justin Timberlake would the guest and performer, it was almost a certainty that the two would pair up for another edition of their famous “History of Rap” performances. Both Fallon and Timberlake did not disappoint as they quickly got into their performance as the crowd was beginning to die down.