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Jasmine Tridevil Fake, Added A Third Breast Was Elaborate Hoax

third breast

The old saying goes “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is” would apply here because hearing about a woman with three breasts sounds too good to be true.

Unfortunately, knowing that, we still proceeded in telling the story of Jasmine because there is another saying that goes “if it’s on the internet, it has to be true”.

Just kidding…sort of.

Kanye West Lectured College Students As Part of Community Service


Kanye West stopped by Los Angeles Trade Technical College over the weekend to lecture about 40 students in the digital communications department. Also there were some troubled youths that were participating in a summer endeavor to encourage education.

This was part of West’s 250-hour community service sentence from his altercation with a photographer. He was charged with misdemeanor battery after going after the photog outside LAX last year.

John Oliver Roasts Roger Goodell On Last Week Tonight

john oliver roger goodell

One of the best shows on television right now is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Oliver is a tremendous smart ass so his talents totally lend themselves perfectly to his Jon Stewart-y role.

Last night one his show, he moved his crosshairs to Roger Goodell’s press conference. During the segment, Oliver claims that Goodell talked for 45 minutes about, essentially, nothing.

Blake Shelton Tap Dances During Lip Sync Battle With Gwen Stefani & Jimmy Fallon

fallon lip sync battle

One of Jimmy Fallon’s more popular segments on The Tonight Show is his lip sync battle. We have seen the likes of Emma Stone and Joseph Gordon-Levitt grace the stage along with Fallon, but perhaps the best two competitors yet appeared last night.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani joined the host for his battle and were both fantastic. Actually, the both won.

Jennifer Lopez Smoking Hot As Teacher Who Seduces Teen in ‘The Boy Next Door’ Trailer

jennifer lopez boy next door

Jennifer Lopez is heading back to the big screen in the upcoming thriller “The Boy Next Door”. In the movie, she plays a high school teacher who has a one night stand with the — you guessed it — boy that moves in next door.

Instead of a relationship developing between the two, Lopez soon learns that this boy is actually a deranged stalker that she can’t shake.

Frank Caliendo Reads Allen Iverson’s Famous ‘Practice’ Rant As Morgan Freeman

frank caliendo allen iverson

Frank Caliendo gave us one hell of ¬†treat when he read LeBron James’ “I’m Coming Home” letter as Morgan Freeman live on Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN.

Today, he was back to visit the guys and he brought along his Morgan Freeman impression. This time, instead of LeBron James, Allen Iverson was his focus and he absolutely nailed it.

Best Thing You’ll Watch Today: The Daily Show’s Take On ESPN’s Reporting Of Michael Sam

jon stewart

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show are one of the best programs on cable these days. His deadpan humor mixed with the complete and utter mess the world is in right now is a refreshing way to watch the news.

They took a break from politics to focus on the absurd reporting from ESPN on Tuesday. During the broadcast, ESPN correspondent Josina Anderson began reporting on the showering habits of St. Louis Rams Michael Sam, who revealed he was gay prior to the NFL Draft.