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Tries to Take a Train Selfie, Gets Kicked in the Head by the Conductor

kicked in the head

In what was thiiiiiis close to being a Darwin Award finalist for 2014, we have a young man that saw opportunity for Facebook likes to soar to heights only attainable in his social media dreams. People would surely retweet this hundreds, if not thousands of time. This is it, he thought. This is my time. No one has ever had a train selfie.

Instead. He got kicked in the head by the conductor of the train because he was too close, I guess.

Charles Barkley Says All That Lotion is the Only Way Shaq Can ‘Get His Fat Ass in a Buick’

charles barkley on conan

Sir Charles Barkley was on Conan on Thursday night and was as entertaining as ever. Especially when the subject of Shaquille O’Neal came up. It is pretty common knowledge that these two take jabs at each other whenever they get the opportunity ever since retiring. They even took jabs, literally, when they played against each other. However, now that that both work together on NBA on TNT, it’s even funnier.

Jon Stewart Blasts CNN for Coverage of MH370: One Place They Haven’t Looked is ‘Up Their Own Assholes’

jon stewart mh370

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart has always done a good job of keeping on different media outlets and not letting them slide when they do something stupid. Well, this time he did a great job. Assuming you watch something other than Yo! MTV Raps, you have seen the expansive coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. You, like myself and many others, have probably become tired of hearing the same recycled latest “news” on the topic. However, one station has gone above and beyond with their “reporting”.

Nick Swisher and Mike Polk Are Bro-mates at Indians Spring Training

swisher polk

Nick Swisher is known for the energy he brings to the baseball field day in and day out. That is what most everyone knows about Nick. What we don’t know, however, is what happens when it’s bedtime for Swish.

Comedian Mike Polk Jr. got to find out first hand as he was paired up with Nick Swisher and got to be roommates with the Indians first basemen for a night. As you would expect, Swisher had just as much energy before going to bed as he does on the field.

KTLA Anchors Respond to 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Los Angeles


There were many responses and postings on social media after the early morning earthquake in Los Angeles but no reaction, that I have seen at least, can match Megan Henderson and Chris Schauble from KTLA.

It’s funny now to laugh at their reactions but I am sure in the moment, they were scared out of their minds. Props to both of them for not swearing like a trucker when that happened.

First Facial Hair Transplants, Now Hipsters Are Wearing Monocles

Jose Vega seen here with his hipster-rabbi chic beard.

Last week, we told you about a hipster trend going on in the inner circles of douche where they are getting hair transplanted onto their face to make their beards appear fuller. Well, if that didn’t make you shake your head into a whiplash, then get out the neck brace because the next big hipster-y thing surely will.

According to a recent New York Times article, the monocle is making a comeback as a fashion accessory for stupid hipsters young men. The article claims they can be found from Berlin cafes to Manhattan restaurants but actual evidence, besides Jose Vega, has not been presented.

Vanilla Ice Busts Out ‘Ninja Rap’ in New Kraft Mac n’ Cheese Commercial

vanilla ice

If you’re in your mid-late 20′s you are sure to remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons and movies. And if you are in that said demographic, then you are sure to remember Vanilla Ice rocking a mic like a vandal during the early 90′s. And if both of those facts hold true, then I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you fondly recall when the two pop culture icons crossed paths in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.