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ESPN Releases Rare Landon Donovan ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Spot

this is sportscenter donovan

Landon Donovan will play his final game for the USA tonight in Hartford, Connecticut and there has been no shortage of love for him throughout the day. The man who is probably the best modern era US soccer player steps back from the game he loved and many brands are there to help him go gracefully.

San Francisco Fan Fight Latest In California Sporting Event Beat Downs


Last Sunday at Levi’s Stadium, two fans were savagely beaten in the men’s restroom during the San Francisco 49ers game. One of the men was treated and released from the hospital while the other remains in critical condition with his brain bleeding. According to a ABC report, the second man has had to undergo surgery to remove part of his skull and he is suffering some paralysis.

The motive behind the attack is still under investigation and the video below doesn’t show much of a confrontation before the punches started flying.

Cleveland Cavaliers Home Opener Tickets Asking Price Up To $20,000


You can ask for anything you want in this world, unfortunately that doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.

The same goes for the Cleveland Cavaliers ticket holders who have listed their tickets to the October 30 home opener for as much as $20,000…each.

Dion Waiters Missed Dunk Shows Why You Have A Preseason

waiters missed dunk

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a preseason game against Maccabi Tel Aviv on Sunday. Dion Waiters went in for a dunk/layup/floater and it showed that he’s going to need a little bit more time to knock the rust off after this offseason.

Just a slight misjudgement, nothing to worry about. Hopefully.

Arizona Wasted No Time Trolling Oregon After Upset


The Arizona Wildcats are a pretty popular team among college football fans these days. Mainly because they keep beating Oregon. And if there is anything we can all agree on, it’s that Oregon is the worst.

Last year, the Wildcats hosted the Ducks and absolutely dismantled them to the tune of 42-16. This year, while it was closer, the Wildcats prevailed again, 31-24 and simultaneously put a huge dent in the chances of Oregon making the College Football Playoff.

Miguel Cabrera Forgoes Playoff Bonus: ‘I Just Want The Ring’


ESPN reports this morning that while Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer was walking around the club house having his teammates sign the necessary paper work to receive their playoff bonus, first baseman Miguel Cabrera opted not to sign it.

Designated hitter Victor Martinez spoke to Cabrera in spanish to make sure he knew what he was doing. Cabrera reportedly ended the exchange telling Martinez “I just want the ring”.

LISTEN: Bill Simmons Says Roger Goodell Presser ‘Such F*cking Bullsh*t’

bill simmons screen grab

ESPN talking head and EIC Bill Simmons went on a well sized rant today on his B.S. Report podcast. It is pretty well known that Simmons is the biggest critic of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his comments today support that fact entirely.

During the show, Simmons and Tony Manfred began talking about Roger Goodell’s recent press conference. When addressing the fact that Goodell told the media he had not seen the tape of Ray Rice striking his wife, Simmons held nothing back.