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Survey Reveals Lifestyles Of Average British Soccer Fans

manchester united fans

Here in America, we have certain stereotypes we associate with different groups of sports fans, fairly or unfairly. St. Louis Cardinals fans are the “smartest fans in baseball,” all NASCAR fans are rednecks, Oakland Raiders fans are biker gang rejects from the Mad Max films,Drake roots for whoever is winning, stuff like that.

Well in England, where soccer is king, they recently conducted a survey of 200,000 people to compile profiles of the “average” fan of various teams, and the results are kind of fun.

Malice In The Palace: The 10 Year Anniversary Of The Pacers-Pistons Brawl

malice in the palace 10 year anniversary

Ten years ago, then Indiana Pacers Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson crossed a line no one would ever have thought was possible. They entered the stands at The Palace at Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan and fought the fans.

After fouling Detroit Pistons’ Ben Wallace, Artest was shoved by Wallace which quickly escalated. Jackson challenged many of the Pistons but ultimately, Rasheed Wallace calmed things down. Or so we thought.

REPORT: Adrian Peterson Suspended For Remainder Of 2014 Season


ESPN Insider Adam Caplan reported today that Minnesota Vikings running back will be suspended without pay for the rest of the 2014 season for violating the leagues personal conduct policy. Peterson will not be eligible for reinstatement until April 15.

The full statement from the NFL:

Giancarlo Stanton Contract Rumors Up To 13 Years, $325 Million

stanton contract

Nope. You read that right. 13 years.

According to CBS’s Jon Heyman, the Giancarlo Stanton contract talks have escalated to a lofty 13 year, $325 milllion figure. Further, Heyman reported that the terms have been agreed upon and all that remains is details such as adding a no-trade clause and figuring out which year Stanton will be able to opt-out and head to the Yankees.

Kevin Love And Kyrie Irving Smoke A Joint In Their Postgame Handshake

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.29.08 PM

Cleveland Cavalierss Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving celebrated catching absolute fire in the second half against the New Orleans Pelicans by showing us all their best friends handshake. Or at least that’s what I’m calling it.

Like so many handshakes we have all had up until high school graduation, this one had to end with both of them mimicking smoking a joint.

Bengals RB Jeremy Hill Is The Very Definition Of ‘Butt Hurt’ After Loss To The Browns

Jeremy Hill |

Butt hurt.

That’s all I could think of while reading post-game comments from Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill. His team got dry-humped up and down the field on Thursday night by the Cleveland Browns. So bad was his quarterback, Andy Dalton, that he threw more passes to Browns cornerback Buster Skrine than he did to some of his own receivers.

LeBron James Is #FLOBRON In New Progressive Instagram Spot


LeBron James is a cash cow. Exhibit A would be below where he is in the Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary High School gym hocking affordable insurance from Progressive dressed as their popular spokeswoman, Flo. Flo thinks LeBron should switch up his chalk toss for a glitter toss. King James isn’t very responsive.

This is a wise move by Progressive. By using their Instagram account for their first #FLOBRON commercial, they are using the free power of the internet, which is probably all they can afford after paying LeBron.