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Boston Morning Radio Host Kirk Minihane Calls Erin Andrews A ‘Gutless Bitch’

andrews wainwright

Cohost of a popular morning show in Boston, Kirk Minihane, had some serious words for Fox Sports sideline gal Erin Andrews. He was responding to her awkward interview with St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright she had in the dugout during last nights All-Star Game.

WATCH: Nike Pays Tribute To Derek Jeter With ‘RE2PECT’ Ad

jeter respect

Believe it or not, a lot of people really don’t like the Yankees. However, the folks at Nike and Jordan Brand have made one helluva ad to pay tribute to Derek Jeter.

With Jay-Z, Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony, Billy Crystal, Spike Lee, Rudy Guiliani and more, the commercial is a minute and a half of everyone tipping their cap to The Captain.

Fantasy Becomes a Reality as Fans Take to Sportsbooks for the Impending NFL Season

thundertreats article

There’s nothing quite as fun yet frustrating as fantasy football. You spend hours, nay, days slaving over your research, painstakingly drafting a team that you think could do something, and then—often in the first weekend of the season—your team can be torpedoed due to some freak injury, or stubborn coach.

Whether or not you had Ray Rice (3.1 yards per carry, 660 yards in 2013) in fantasy or not, you may be one of the many football fans who are progressing their fantasy football-based gaming towards online sportsbooks.

VIDEO: Over 200,000 On Hand To Welcome Home German World Cup Winners

welcome home germany

Over 200,000 wild and crazy Germans lined what is known as the “Fan Mile” to welcome home their national team along with the World Cup Trophy.

The 1.3 mile stretch of road leads up to the Brandenburg Gate where the team will be on stage.

Germany’s 1-0 win over Argentina on Sunday in the World Cup Final gave the country it’s fourth World Cup title and first since 1990.

Torii Hunter Laughs at Jeremy Guthrie’s Curveball, Then Hits a 428 Foot Home Run

torii hunter

Jeremy Guthrie did not have it last night. He, and the rest of the Kansas City Royals, got shelled by the hot bats of the Detroit Tigers in a 16-4 thrashing. Even after the game, Hunter told a reporter that it seemed like Guthrie was sick because he is definitely better than he was last night.

During the top of the 5th inning, Guthrie tried to throw what appeared to be a cross between and eephus pitch and a curveball. It was awful and it gave Torii Hunter a bit of a chuckle at the plate.

Jason Kipnis & Nick Swisher Celebrate All-Star Michael Brantley’s Home Run

jason kipnis 2

The Indians stopped Masahiro Tanaka’s bid to become the first 13 game winner in the Majors on Tuesday and most of the credit can be given to Nick Swisher and Michael Brantley.

Brantley led the team with 2 doubles, 1 home run and 3 of their RBI. Swisher also chipped in with a two-run blast that put the Tribe on top for good in the sixth.

Jason Kipnis Gets Doubled Up, MLB & YES Network Give Credit to Derek Jeter Without Him Touching the Ball

jason kipnis

It’s getting old. Just like the Yankees short stop himself.

Every city Derek Jeter —  and last year Mariano Rivera — goes to, he is lauded over and given gifts because it is his retirement year. Pretty stupid idea if you ask me.

Yes he had a great career. Leave it at that. He’s your opponent. Act like it.