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Hump Day Hottie: Renee Somerfield

renee somerfield 12

Before we get to the task at hand, let me apologize for the absence of Hump Day Hotties for the last two weeks. I could give you some lame excuse that you probably wouldn’t buy, but you guys deserve better than that. Therefore, I’ll just say sorry and hope that Renee Somerfield can squash our beef.

That’s correct, the blonde smoke show pictured is Renee Somerfield and I would absolutely love to give you the 411 on her, but unfortunately that part of her site is down for maintenance. Lucky for us, however, the rest of her site is up and if you can afford to get lost in amazing pictures for the next hour or so, then I recommend you visit the site at your earliest convenience.

Nina Agdal Playing Basketball in Her Pajamas is a Good Reason to Follow Her on Instagram

nina agdal basketball

Holy moly.

Those were the exact words I uttered when I saw one of my many crushes, Nina Agdal, showing off her basketball moves via Instagram last night. The SI Swimsuit cover girl took to the hard wood in her pajamas to do a little shoot around and the result is a movie you can replay over and over and over. Trust me, I’ve tested the theory.

Let me just say two things before you watch; If the WNBA was like this, it would generate NFL money and this is the number one reason right now to bring back MTV’s Rock n’ Jock B-Ball Challenge.

The 2014 Cougar Madness Champion: Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Hot-4

It’s allllll over folks! Kate Beckinsale is your 2014 Thunder Treats Cougar Madness Champion! A lot of you have voted throughout the tournament and I appreciate all your help. Also, big shout outs to The Big Lead and SI’s Hot Clicks for promoting the tournament for us too!

It all came down to cougar veteran Jennifer Aniston and cougar rookie Kate Beckinsale after some serious upsets in the earlier rounds. The voters spoke and unfortunately, Aniston let the Cougar Championship slip through her fingers for a fifth consecutive year.

The 2014 Cougar Madness Championship: Kate Beckinsale vs. Jennifer Aniston


It all comes down to this, folks. Thunder Nation has spoken and the 2014 Cougar Madness Championship will pit rookie Kate Beckinsale vs. veteran Jennifer Aniston.

Personally, I couldn’t be happier to see Aniston in the finals. It has been a tough five years for her, having never gone this far in the tournament. She has always gone home early but now this could be her year.

With that being said, nothing about this final will be easy. Kate Beckinsale is obviously a fox and we all know this won’t be her last final. So will Thunder Nation side with Aniston and throw her a bone?

Paulina Gretzky on the Cover of Golf Digest is Great for Both Us and the PGA


What does Paulina Gretzky have to do with golf? Pretty much nothing except for being engaged to Dustin Johnson. But, rather than ask questions like that, why don’t we really ask what took Golf Digest so long to put her on the cover?

I can guess the reasoning is just that. They didn’t have a reason. Unlike other publications, Golf Digest couldn’t have just put her on the cover for her looks or who she is engaged to. But, what if they had a fitness issue? Surely, she would qualify, judging by her Instagram, to be the cover model, right?

Hump Day Hottie: Svetlana Bilyalova

svetlana bilyalova 6

When @Gangelooo hits me up about a babe on Instagram, I do what I can to check her out as soon as possible. After informing me of BikiniTush, I trust him completely. That’s why I wasted no time in making Svetlana Bilyalova this week’s Hump Day Hottie at the request of Greg.

The only unfortunate thing is we don’t know much about Svetlana other than she is from Moscow and just turned 22 years old in January. The rest, we will just have to deduce from her Instagram account.

Voting is Open for the Cougar Madness Fantasy Four

fantasy four cougar madness

The polls have closed and we can’t say that we are surprised by the results of the voting round for the Erotic 8. Most people figured the favorites would roll, but I don’t think anyone expected the beat down that Julie Bowen, Heidi Klum and Jen Aniston laid on their competition!

Poor Shania Twain really had no business being in the Erotic 8 and boy did it show. Last years winner Bowen took off when voting opened on Thursday and never looked back.