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Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga, on the Cover of the New Maxim


Everyone’s favorite girlfriend, Danielle Fishel, is back in a big way.  You may know Danielle better as Topanga or that girl you had a crush on growing up.  Well now you can renew your crush because Maxim has gotten a hold of our girl and she looks phenomenal.

31 year-old Danielle Fishel is not only looking great, she is also gearing up for her return to the small screen.  She will be opposite Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) in a reboot of the popular Boy Meets World television series.  The new series, however, will revolve around Cory and Topanga’s daughter and will be dubbed Girl Meets World.

Rowan Blanchard Has Been Cast as Cory and Topanga’s Daughter for ‘Girl Meets World’


Well, it is all but a done deal for the Boy Meets World spinoff that was rumored to be happening a couple month ago.  With Ben Savage and Danielle Fisher already on board, reprising their roles as Cory and Topanga (respectively, if I need to say that), all that was really needed was the center of the show.  Nothing big, right? Enter 11 year old Rowan Blanchard, who won the nationwide casting search and will be the first daughter of Girl Meets World.

Michael Jacobs, who produced the original series and will be producing Girl Meets World, said that when Rowan walked into the room her energy and potential matched that of her “dad”, Ben Savage, when he casted him more than a decade ago.

Ben Savage and Danielle Fisher to Reprise Roles as Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence on Girl Meets World


We told you at the beginning of the month that the ball was rolling on a reboot of the popular ABC sitcom Boy Meets World.  We also said that if they were unable to land the two stars of the original show, Ben Savage and Danielle Fisher, it would essentially be a bust.  Well word today from the Huffington Post tells us that the original Cory and Topanga have joined the cast.

Follow Up Series to Popular ‘Boy Meets World’ Sitcom in Early Development


You read that right, baby!

The show that we grew up watching on ABC, and the reruns thereafter on The Disney Channel, is possibly getting a new follow up.  The new series would be based around the daughter of Cory and Topanga, who were married and living together when we last saw them.