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Second Madden 25 Commercial is Just as Good As the First, Featuring Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson


EA Sports is really bringing it this year.  Instead of just sticking with two actors/athletes and doing a number of commercials, it appears they will be bringing in multiple athletes for their commercials.  The first of the Madden 25 commercials we saw was released last week and featured Arian Foster, Darian Foster, Marshawn Lynch and Marshawn Lynch Sr.

Morning Coffee: Brooke Lynette, Colin Kaepernick’s Offers to Play College Ball & More DJ’s are Ganging Up on Erin Andrews

brookeMMA girl Brooke Lynette … So Marilyn Manson is in a new movie … Schools were more interested in Colin Kaepernick’s 92-mph fastball than his ability at football … Katherine Webb may be joining Dancing with the D-List Stars … Just going to type the title of this article: ‘Woman arrested after ‘drunken hit and run while wearing an unzipped leather jacket…and nothing else’

Colin Kaepernick Knew He Was Going to be the Quarterback of the 49ers


Talk about putting your mind to something.  During the 49ers/Patriots game last night, NBC revealed a letter he had written to himself when he was in the fourth grade.  Not only did Kaepernick say he was a good athlete, he predicted he would be the quarterback of the “Niners or Packers”.  Showing that he wasn’t a fair weather fan, he also included “even if they aren’t good in seven years”.  Smart Kid.  He was also spot on about what his height would be but, as an 11-year-old, he was slightly off on his weight.

David Whitley has a Negative Stance on Colin Kaepernick’s Tattoos, but was He Being a Racist?


David Whitley has turned the internet on its head today with his latest column on AOL’s Sporting News website.  A lot of people, including myself, looked at it as a form of racism at first.  I have calmly let it sink in, read it again, and formed a more (at least I think) well rounded opinion.  When I first sat down to write about this, I came out swinging.  Now, I see what Whitley was trying to say and I understand how people got upset.  Hell, even I ended up on both sides of the argument.