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Arizona Wasted No Time Trolling Oregon After Upset


The Arizona Wildcats are a pretty popular team among college football fans these days. Mainly because they keep beating Oregon. And if there is anything we can all agree on, it’s that Oregon is the worst.

Last year, the Wildcats hosted the Ducks and absolutely dismantled them to the tune of 42-16. This year, while it was closer, the Wildcats prevailed again, 31-24 and simultaneously put a huge dent in the chances of Oregon making the College Football Playoff.

Louisville Unveils Uniforms For Matchup Against Florida State


Louisville and Adidas have unveiled the special uniforms they will be wearing when they take on the defending National Champion Florida State Seminoles on October 30. They have been dubbed “Showtime”.

Hopefully the new threads will be able to knock down Florida State and, in turn, knock some sense into Jameie Winston. I won’t hold my breath. But the uniforms are still pretty sick.

Meet The Alabama Fan In Full Houndstooth Overalls With A Fake Banjo


Over the weekend at the Alabama/West Virginia game in Atlanta, a picture surfaced of an Alabama fan that was dressed in full houndstooth overalls. As awesome as that was, it wasn’t all he was doing right.

He also made the perfect choice to go shirtless, rock a trucker hat flipped up and perhaps the most important, he brought along his fake banjo.

Texas A&M’s Brand New Bright Football Complex Is The Tits

tamu bright football complex

I couldn’t think of a better way to explain just how awesome the brand new Bright Football Complex is at Texas A&M.

The House That Johnny Built has one of the most incredible locker rooms you will see in college football complete with a barber shop and TVs in the mirrors in the bath room. Bascially anything you could think of that would fit in the $20 million-plus budget.

Johnny Manziel to Win the 2012 Heisman Trophy Award


Ten times.

Ten times in a row, StiffArmTrophy.com has predicted the Heisman Award winner.  They are insanely accurate with their and today they have released the winner based on their predictions.  They base the prediction on what they find when searching for voters who have talked about who they voted for.  From their website:

UPDATE: University of Tennessee Pulling Out All Stops in Their Attempt to Land Jon Gruden


The University of Tennessee is gathering their big guns in order to persuade Jon Gruden back into the ranks of coaching.  According to Channel 3 News in Knoxville, the university has a contract offer to Gruden and a decision could come as early as today.  The most interesting part of the contract is not the years or the money or the incentives for post season play, but what is attached as a sort of bonus for the former NFL head coach.

Man Goes 15 for 15 on Parlay Card Plus Hits His Hedge Bet


Thunder Treats buddy Drew from Las Vegas got lucky this weekend.  While he throws money down every weekend on a parlay card, and most of the time comes close, he has yet to hit the coveted 15 for 15 mark.  That all changed this past weekend when Drew not only hammered everyone of his bets, but also his hedge bet.  For those of you who don’t gamble, a person will “hedge” their bet by betting the opposite of the their original wager, to give them some insurance of winning something.  Drew explains below..