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Hilarious Grey Poupon Commercial Asks, ‘What Do You Poup-on?’

poupon everything

Grey Poupon used to have commercials in which there was a rich person eating in his car and another wealthy person pulled up and wound down their window, asking for some Grey Poupon like a self-righteous suck bag.

The original did churn out some funny references in movies and the term “pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon” became a part of the 80’s and 90’s pop culture, but really it was just a shitty commercial.

Facebook Commerical has a New Parody: Facebook is Like a Toilet [Video]


Last week, Facebook rolled out a new ad campaign in which they compared Facebook to, among other things, a chair.  In my opinion, the commercial was both confusing and rather stupid.  They tried to hard to go too deep and it backfired in their faces.

Ohio Senate Race Gives Us One of the Best Radio Ads Ever


This time of year, we are treated to some of the best in political campaign ads.  Most of the time, they will spend there 30-60 seconds bashing their opponent.  They will go after their past decisions, or where their opponent stands on important issues, and try to sway the voter in their favor.  This is nothing new, everyone does it and it is widely accepted. 

Ray Lewis and Paul Rudd bring us five awesome Madden 13 promos


Paul Rudd and Ray Lewis have teamed up to bring us a great set of promos for the new Madden 13 video game that comes out next Tuesday, August 28th.

In the promos, the pair are portrayed as childhood friends that take their Madden playing very seriously.  Rudd goes as far as to say that it is like a marriage and that he wouldn’t dare play Madden with anyone else.  Not even online, Lewis added.

Check out all 5 videos below, you won’t be mad.