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Thunder Treats at the NFL Hall of Fame Game

hof_panoramaEvery year, like so many Americans, I am supremely excited for the idea of the football to come back. Not only for the game, but for the online football betting that goes with it. I look toward the NFL Hall of Fame Game as the chance for a taste of the sweet nectar that is football.  And like every year, I am supremely bored by the middle of the first quarter after all the starters (the ones who actually play) are benched in favor of other players trying to make the team.

The Bears Dismantled Tony Romo Last Night

See what I did there?

Tony Romo had an ad at the beginning of the season.  It was for Starter and in it, he addressed all of his “haters”.  He talks about how people are focused on the negative things that he and the Cowboys have done in the past and ends the spot by saying “that’s what I’m focused on too”.