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Christian Bale Continues to Impress

A couple weeks ago, we told you about Christian Bale making Jayden Barber’s dream come true.  He flew the little boy with cancer and his family out to LA for a personal meet and greet with the “real” Batman!

I wanted to update the story and let everyone know that Jayden turned 5 years old yesterday!! Happy Birthday Jayden!

To make his birthday even more special, Jayden recieved a call from a private number yesterday and the caller wanted to wish him a happy birthday.  Who do you think that caller was?

Christian Bale makes little boy’s wish come true


Little Jayden is only 4 years old (Mom corrected me, sorry!) but he is braver than me.  And probably you too.

For the second time in this little boys life, he is battling cancer.  Back in 2010, Jayden’s parents got news that would buckle the knees of any parent.  Their little boy had cancer in his right arm, stretching from his tiny elbow to his tiny shoulder.  Chemotherapy was immediately started and in November 2011, the family was prepping for the celebration of one year of remission for Jayden.  The party was a few days away when Jayden’s mother got more knee buckling news.

Her little boy had another, different kind cancer.  This time it was Myelodysplastic Syndrome or MDS Leukemia.