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Drunk Driver Tries to Avoid DUI By Placing Pizza Delivery Sign on His Car Because Ohio


Maybe he’s a genius? Maybe he should drink a bit less?

29-year-old Michael P. Christian was pulled over after Eastlake Police received a call from another driver that was concerned with the driving of Christian. The police caught up with him, as they tend to do, and observed the same wreckless driving.

UPDATE WITH MUGSHOT: Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami for Drag Racing and DUI

bieber mug

This is going to be a fantastic year for Justin Bieber. I can feel it in my bones. First he had the egg throwing incident that got his house raided and his BFF Lil’ Za arrested for drug possession. Now he is in the slamma’ like M.C. Hamma’ for drag racing a yellow Lambo while intoxicated.

Alledgedly, the traffic stop was for the high rate of speed the singer was traveling and once he was stopped, he failed a field sobriety test. Also, it wasn’t clear which one hit wonder rapper with the forename “Lil” was with him/on his lap.

Bernie Kosar Got a DUI & Claimed He Couldn’t Stand on One Leg Because His Line Couldn’t Block


Bernie Kosar got a DUI over the weekend in Solon, Ohio.  Most people found out about this a couple hours before the Browns kicked off against the in-state rival Bengals.  What most didn’t find out was what happened during the arrest, or more importantly, what was said.

Carlton Fisk Charged with DUI, Found in a Cornfield


One day after the anniversary of one of the most memorable home runs in history, the beloved member of Red Sox Nation, Carlton Fisk, was found unconscious behind the wheel of his car in the middle of a cornfield in New Lenox, Illinois.

According to New Lenox Po Po:

“Around 7:20 (Monday) night, we received a couple of calls about a vehicle in a field,” Deputy Chief Bob Pawlisz said. “When officers went over there, they found Mr. Fisk unconscious behind the wheel.

Founder of Crocs gets pinched for DUI, claims Taylor Swift was driving

georgeboedeckermugGeorge Boedecker, one of the founders of Crocs, was arrested this weekend in Colorado for drunk driving.  Except 51-year-old Boedecker claims he wasn’t the one driving and that it was his girlfriend.  He told police that he and his girlfriend had gotten into a fight and that she parked the car and left the scene, leaving him there by himself.  This was a totally plausible scenario until the police asked Boedecker who is girlfriend was.

“she’s a really f*cking famous singer,” Boedecker told officer Patrick Vest before following up with “do you know who Taylor Swift is?”.

Vest, going along with his story, asked Boedecker where Swift had gone.  He gestured towards the adjacent neighborhood and said she was “in Nashville”.  In keeping with the fight scenario, Boedecker also told them that his girlfriend was “batshit crazy.”