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Avicii – X You


In January, it was announced that Avicii would be taking submissions by fans to be part of his next music collaboration.  He was asking that fans send him original melodies, basslines, beats & rhythms, breaks and effects.  From January 9th to February 26th the samples came in and Avicii went to work putting together the biggest music collaboration the World has ever seen.  The result was 12,934 sounds submitted by 4,199 artists from 140 different countries!  The featured producers were Kian Sang, Naxsy DJ-Compositeur, Martin Kupilas, Ваня Хакси, Christian Westphalen, Mateusz Kolata and Jonathan Madray.  Listen to the track below and read more about it and here more samples here.

Dada Life – Feed the Dada

The crazy Swedish electro house duo of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom has dropped a hit on our heads.  Yesterday, Dada Life released its newest track entitled “Feed the Dada”.  Along with it came the official video, which if you have ever watched any of their other videos, you know what you are in for.  The drops in this song are like a punch in the face and I know you will all enjoy it.

For your convenience, I have copied the “Rules of Dada” that can be seen for a second at the 0:29 mark.  As you would expect, they are awesome.

DJ Trademark – Electro Season EP

Thunder Treats Music was launched almost 6 months ago and to help us with its debut, DJ Trademark agreed to do an interview with us. It was right around the time of the release of his Clean Cuts EP and now he is back with his Electro Season EP. With 6 songs to rattle your brain, this set should be on a loop for some time. It is heavy on the electro side, hence the title, and tracks like Revive and Drift Out will have you looking for the repeat button.

Have a listen below and head to his SoundCloud Page to download the whole EP.

Birdy Nam Nam – Goin' In (Skrillex Goin' Hard Remix)

Skrillex has released his new remix of Birdy Nam Nam’s Goin’ In and althought it’s a little different than what we are used to, in terms of sound from Skrillex, it is badass nonetheless.  There is still a touch of his signature wobbles but it is definitely more of a beat oriented track.  Check out the video he posted to YouTube yesterday below.

Also, check out Birdy Nam Nam, who Skrillex says “I played with these guys in Strasbourg France and I’ve NEVER seen a more technically impressive and musical LIVE dj set…These guys are all some of the world’s best turntablists and what they do live is seriously mind boggling…”. Pretty high praise.  I’ll give em a shot!

Dixie – Rock the FKN Party II (Bomb Squad Winter 2012 Mix)

Don’t let the part in parenthesis throw you off, he is from Australia and Dixie is the best DJ in the world.

That you’ve never heard of.

At least that is the proclamation on his Facebook page and after listening to this mixtape that was dropped in my inbox, I really can’t argue with the dude.  This mix is absolutely awesome and all of you should take advantage of that free download.  This is definitely the perfect set to kick start your weekend.  Give it a listen below and download it!  Check out Dixie on Facebook and Soundcloud for more tracks and tour dates!